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  1. GMRS antenna mounting

    Now that you’ve had it for a while, can you update the reception? Highway and trail? Thanks
  2. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I just finished using the ARB under seat mount for the ARB twin compressor. Sorry, no photos but a couple of thoughts. Oh, and I only have the lockers, and mounted under the passenger seat. ***Some parts are not included as noted by others. Specifically, the elbow(0740104) and...
  3. ARB Compressor with MORE mount write-up

    I just ordered the ARB twin and the ARB underseat mount for my 2dr JLR. I think I can use what you've done as a guide and I think your video (if you did the one I saw. about 49 minutes) good video BTW. I'd like to use the switch provided in the ARB mount and wire to the ignition wire noted in...
  4. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

    2 more inches. I don’t think it should be a problem. My girlfriend just grabs the handle on the a pillar and gets in with no hassle at all....probably easier than I do.
  5. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

    Should not be. I’m with BFG 35’s but no lift... and 6’4”. My girl is 5’5” and uses the step to get in/out.
  6. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

    From the top of the sliders not the step, it is three inches to the door sill
  7. Next Venture Black Friday Sales!

    Thanks. Good advice. Agree. Some of it should have been more consistent. I’ve installed the rear diff cover and rear diff skid a month or so ago. The diff cover was a zero in difficulty, but the skid was not as easy. I had trouble with the nutsticks, but it might have been something I did...
  8. Next Venture Black Friday Sales!

    the front can get banged a little and the drain plug is at the bottom of the diff, and I have not upgraded the front diff cover yet. Was planning on upgrading the diff cover and adding diff skid at same time. Also, I've got the rear diff and rear diff skid from next venture and want to match...
  9. Next Venture Black Friday Sales!

    dan, when will the front diff skid plate be available for the JLR? thanks,
  10. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    does this mount require cutting the air flow vent under the seat? Thanks
  11. How TO - Add a Grounding Terminal

    Thanks. So did you make the mount yourself...seems pretty simple?? Am I correct that what you're doing is connecting the under hood AUX wires to the relay posts and then the aftermarket products wiring to the post that has the proper amp required for whatever product you're installing? I've...
  12. How TO - Add a Grounding Terminal

    I see you have the solid state relay. Besides better organization of the AUX wires, what does that help with? and how did you get it mounted? thanks,
  13. Rock Hard 4X4 skids installed

    what product did you end up with or did rockhard come thru with some changes? thanks,
  14. California SOLD

    Do you still have these? Condition? Thanks Ben
  15. Spongy Brakes....

    they replaced the master cylinder ( took about 40 days for one to come in) and it seems to be stopping just as it should. So, I guess i should give them some credit for getting it right. BTW, my 2018 had steering issues and FCA took it back and my 2019 came in late Dec. 2018. they did a MSRP for...
  16. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

    Thanks. The deflector is by AVS, and the antenna is Rugged Ridge. I’m sure there are other good step rails, but the destroyers are also rock rails and look really nice with clean lines. The other half is 5’5” and she really likes them for getting in. I’ve got 35’s and it did raise it just a...
  17. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

    Here are some photos:
  18. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

    I've had these ordered for some time and got them installed this past Saturday. Absolutely love them. There are a three of optional bolts that can be used which require drilling. The one on the front passenger side is actually a must in my opinion. Without it, there is only one bolt holding the...