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  1. 2018 Wish List

    I'm sure they'll be functional. If there's one car that's utilitarian in design it's the Wrangler lol. I'd love to see something like these clear full/half doors ("windoors") on the Jeep Safari Concept. Maybe this will give some idea to the aftermarket to make an equivalent. You get the open...
  2. JL Wrangler 2 door questions - leather seats, red color, electric top?

    Did you see the possible sighting of an electric top? First Look: New Wrangler Roof With MySky-Like Power Retractable Top No worries, leather should will definitely be available on the JL.
  3. JT (Wrangler Truck) pushed to late 2019

    Makes you think if there's gonna be a big enough midsize truck pie to divvy up between Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, Honda, GMC, Ford and Jeep come 2019 when the Ford Ranger and Jeep JT join the competition. There's going to at least 7 midsize trucks in a couple years time.
  4. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Diesel Mule Spied with DEF Tank

    Tremec 3160 only has RWD applications so far on the Camaro, Mustang and Cadillac ATS.
  5. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Welcome to the site and :like: to your wife for recognizing it was your mobile man cave. Used JK have been holding their value so well I predict there'll be a lot of people who make the same decision as you and opt for a new JL instead once they're available. I'm in between Wranglers right...
  6. 2018 Wish List

    Please give us factory gear ratio options of 4.56 or 4.88. I know these are always available in aftermarket but nothing beats cheaper factory options that are covered under warranty.
  7. JL drivetrain - axles and transfer case

    Yes exactly but I'd like to see something like it offered as a factory option rather than $3k+ aftermarket option.
  8. Safety features

    I'm all for it if it's offered as option or part of a package. I just don't want it standard so that it bloats the starting price of the base entry models. The 2016 Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are available with the works Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring...
  9. JL drivetrain - axles and transfer case

    I'd like to see a 4 speed transfer case with 2 and 4 wheel drive options
  10. Will the JL share the new uconnect infotainment? I hope so.

    Definitely looks slick and touchscreen is cool but they better give us enough physical buttons to compliment the system. I don’t like touchscreen systems that go overboard on eliminating buttons and have you jump through menus just to control things like air con. There should definitely be...
  11. 2018 Wrangler Drops Camo, Shows Backup Camera, Roofline, Grab Handles, Signs of Foldable Windshield

    If nothing else this will make removing cracked windshields a lot easier. I'll say this - it will be a strange look if the pillars and roof structure is fixed. I get that this could be the "compromise" Jeep is going for but anyone folding the windshield down clearly wants total open air feel...
  12. 2017-18 Wrangler (JK, JL, JT) Toledo Assembly Plant Schedule

    So only JT Wrangler pickup will be built on Toledo South line after it stops making the JK? If thats the case they must be different enough in production to not use the extra capacity to also build the JL or JLU on the same line as the JT.
  13. Jeep CEO- new Wrangler "probably" not debuting until second half of 2017

    This is what FCA is debuting at CES - the Chrysler Portal Concept, a self driving electric minivan --
  14. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Bringing back the Bronco on the global Ranger platform is a decent foundation but it still won't have the out of the box off-road capability of the Wrangler. And that starts with suspension, its just not possible for independent suspension to be as good as solid axle. So off the bat the Bronco...
  15. 2018 Wish List

    That's what warranties are for! And I wouldn't judge how reliable the car will be based on how often its prototypes are spied. These days they can easily test at night or using an existing body so nobody can tell even if it's rolling down the road. Biggest want on my list is Apple CarPlay...
  16. Jeep CEO- new Wrangler "probably" not debuting until second half of 2017

    Totally bored by a minivan debut but it makes sense for Chrysler to debut the self driving Pacifica at CES since the Honda Odyssey is debuting in Detroit. Guess the rumors about a Wrangler related CES reveal couldn't be further from the truth... this car doesn't even need a driver lol
  17. First application of 2.0L turbo 4 Hurricane engine?

    So the Alfa Romeo Giulia was launched recently with a 2.0L turbo 4 cyl. Is that the "Hurricane" turbo 4 cyl that the JL Wrangler will be getting? If so it's got some real solid #'s -- 276 hp and 295 lb·ft at 2,250 rpm :)
  18. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Price?

    You never know, it might happen if Jeep wants to broaden the Wrangler's demographics even more. Never underestimate the wealthy set's appetite for a luxury SUV with a rugged image. You could do like @Vegas_Sirk suggested and leave the technical capabilities of the Rubis but throw in the most...
  19. What is a mild hybrid Wrangler?

    The future models timeline shows a "mild hybrid" Wrangler coming soon after it turns 2018. What exactly is a mild hybrid? Never heard of it.
  20. 2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL / JLU) and 2019 Pickup (JT) Info Specs Compilation

    Same. Plus it introduces another mechanical failure prone part and also extra weight at the worst area of the car - way up high.