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  1. Would you prefer a key ignition?

    I prefer the push button start
  2. Another Softtop vs Hardtop Assessment

    You lose the rear windshield wiper/washer and defroster as well which are huge features in cold weather
  3. Which has the smoothest ride Sport, Sahara, or Rubicon?

    Tires are going to make a difference in on-road smoothness so stock a Sahara and Sport are going to be smoother on-road than a Rubi
  4. Jeep Wave/oil change ?

    The Jeep wave and the oil changes are one of the best things. It's all taken care of by the dealer for free. If anything goes wrong it's on them.
  5. Stormtrooper Edition Jeep Wrangler coming?

    A true stormtrooper edition would be all white with black accents. I am a huge Star Wars fan but I wouldn't drive that
  6. Soft top and city living

    Had a soft top only years ago living in NYC, this time for my 2019 went with a hardtop and glad I did. Now if I lived in So Cal where it is warm year-round, I'd probably only go soft top.
  7. Pulled the Trigger- 2020 Willys

    Nice. I got a 2019 Sport S Altitude, the Willy's wasn't available yet but I would have gotten that had it been an option.
  8. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    Would love a Rubi but truth is I use my Wrangler first as a daily driver, secondarily I get it for snow and off road is the least use it will get. I do off road but not a lot and not on intense trails. I went with a 2019 Unlimited Sports S Altitude. I love the all black of the Altitude package...
  9. Do you regret your manual or automatic decision?

    I am glad I got the automatic, had a manual on my first Wrangler years ago while it was fun it was super annoying in traffic and I live in NY/NJ so I have a lot of traffic.
  10. Heated seats and steering wheel?

    Get it. So worth it. Heated seats are great and the heated steering wheel is amazing, I didn't think it would make a big difference but it does!
  11. Bestop Trektop NX Twill Reviews?

    My beef with it is that it doesn't fold all the way down, very strange for a soft top
  12. Remember to Upgrade to iOS13 September 19!

    Some really nice improvements in the new Car Play: Ability to auto connect Do Not Disturb While Driving Using Siri doesn't switch to a blank screen
  13. Anyone leave their soft top on for cold seasons?

    Mainly for the defroster and clearing snow, you can't use an ice scraper on the soft top windows. Also although it's anecdotal I feel like the hard top is warmer and quieter and also better for security.
  14. Remove it or not?

    Leaving them on mine, I prefer the look
  15. Freedom Panel Storage Bag Storage

    I was thinking about going this route, I only got the hard top and was considering just going with the SunRider instead of getting the full soft top. I'll decide next summer, thanks for posting your experience. I know with the full soft top it's a nice experience but I don't have a place to...
  16. Anyone leave their soft top on for cold seasons?

    I had a previous Jeep with just the soft top (NYC) which was ok but my new one I got the hard top and glad I did for the winter, it is better in the cold for several reasons.
  17. Jersey trails. Brendan Bryne Park?

    I've gone in the Pine Barons (South) and Buttermilk Falls (North) bone stock with no issues. It's always smart to go with someone else just in case
  18. Willys and Freedom Edition Return to Wrangler (JL) for 2020

    Agreed, I just got a 2019 JLU Sport S Altitude. Had I known they were coming out with a Willy's I may have waited.
  19. If they killed off the 2 door WWYD?

    Having had both, I would never get a 2 door again
  20. What are you paying for your Jeep?

    I am leasing a 2019 JLU Sport S Altitude package with cold weather, tech & safety - $470 per month with 15k miles $0 down but paid taxes up front. Financial buying is better in the long run and I used to do it but I now prefer to lease.