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  1. Tennessee 5 Milestar Patagonia Tires 315/70/17

    Are these still available? How many miles are on them?
  2. Illinois Rubicon wheels with 35” KM3 tires

    Sure wish this was closer. Looks like a long drive from Alabama.
  3. Help! Rubicon Axle Swap into Sport - WTF front Brake lines

    I watched this video of Teraflex big brake kit install. 7 minutes in they talk about just bending the lines. This is what I did on mine with no issues.
  4. Rubicon Axle Wire Harnesses

    I will take them.
  5. Complete sport axles Dana 30 /35

    I have for sale a complete set of axles off of a JLU Sport. They have about 7400 miles on them. Brake rotors and calipers included. Would be great for spare parts. No shipping. Located near Birmingham, AL . Front $550 Rear $650.
  6. Smittybilt X20 Black Friday

    Got my eBay special one delivered today.
  7. EAG Tubular Doors - great pricing

    I went with the matrix door
  8. EAG Tubular Doors - great pricing

    I ordered these on Tuesday and they are being delivered today. Hope to get them on tonight after work.
  9. Giveaway of the Month - May 2019 - JL Wrangler True Dual Rate Lift Kit, Rocksport Edition

    Just got my JL last month. Already have a long list of mods I want for it.
  10. Dirtydog sun shade photo wanted

    Here is mine.
  11. California SOLD: JLUR Firecracker red front & rear fenders (LED DRL) - $199

    Let me know if you decide to ship. I have been looking for some this color.