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  1. Dealer can’t fix a clicking noise after 3 visits

    I just got the Jeep a little over a year ago, so I don’t think that they would be doing that with 2 years left of the original warranty. I have a appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so if they do not fix it this 4th time I’m really going to be unhappy. Everyone at work is telling me to open a...
  2. Dealer can’t fix a clicking noise after 3 visits

    It definitely does not "operates as designed". They had me drive the Jeep with one of their technicians twice and he said that it is definitely not normal. I had my coworkers come up to me as I was parking at work and ask me what is that clicking noise lol. It is just frustrating to bring it...
  3. Dealer can’t fix a clicking noise after 3 visits

    They did that on the second visit.
  4. Dealer can’t fix a clicking noise after 3 visits

    I have a 2019 JL Sport S. There is a clicking noise coming from the front wheels when ever the wheel is turned either direction. It happens going forward as well as in reverse. I took it in back in September to get it looked at as well as a recall. They had it for a little over a week and when I...
  5. Start-X Remote start

    I have it on my Jeep. Works great. Installation was easy too. I use it almost every day.
  6. Odd 2018 options

    If you have power locks you definitely have a Sport S. Plus looking at the picture you have the Sport S wheels and tinted windows, which were not optional on the Sport.
  7. Remote start...

    Automatic trans.
  8. Remote start...

    They ended up sending me a new module and harness yesterday and I already received it today. Installed everything and the programming worked this time with no hiccups. So far remote started it about 3 timed and it worked fine every time. Very happy with it now!
  9. Remote start...

    I tried installing it last night with no luck. I followed the video and got everything connected, but when it came to the programming part my module would not light up. It is supposed to blink green once after you close and open the door and press the unlock button on the key. It is not lighting...
  10. Remote start...

    Just ordered one as well
  11. Installation Guide: Mopar JL Remote Start Kit and Trailer Harness Kit

    Thanks for the reply! I got quoted $585 for labor to do the whole installation and programming and $395 for the kit by my dealer. :surprised: I’m going to order the kit myself online, cheapest one I found is $310. And then ask them, or a different dealer if they could just program it. Where did...
  12. Installation Guide: Mopar JL Remote Start Kit and Trailer Harness Kit

    I'm looking to order the kit myself too. How much did the dealer charge you to do the programming if you don't mind answering?
  13. Factory Trade In

    If you have a lease, the only way that you can get out of it and into a new Jeep would be to pay off all the remaining monthly payments or get someone to take the lease over from you.
  14. What's this noise that I'm hearing when accelerating?

    UPDATE: I took my jeep in for the V41 recall and a tire rotation on Wednesday. Since I was there I mentioned this noise and emailed the video to the advisor. They had my jeep for 3 days, which is not a problem because they updated me each day on what was going on, then I get a call one the 3rd...
  15. How many 2020 owners out there now?

    I joined this forum before even the 2018's were on the streets, but I held off and got the 2019. Now 2020's are on the road. Time flies!
  16. What's this noise that I'm hearing when accelerating?

    Yes I guess you can call it a click. You can hear it best at 0:07 sec.
  17. What's this noise that I'm hearing when accelerating?

    I have a 2019 2-door JL with the 3.6 V6 and the automatic trans if it matters. When I have the windows open, especially at low speeds, I hear this weird noise when accelerating. It's fairly quiet but it still bothers me. Anyone know what it could be? It sounds like it's coming right from...
  18. Cracked side hard top glass!

    Dealer ended up looking up the wrong glass so the original $160 turned into a $290 piece of glass. I ended up looking the part number up online and buying it from a Jeep dealer website for $180 plus $20 for shipping. Now I just need to find a place that can install it.
  19. Cracked side hard top glass!

    I called my insurance and confirmed the $500 deductible. Safelite wants $500 and I just got back from the Jeep dealership and they want $160 for the glass and $290 to put it in. So $450. I think I'm just going to order the glass from Jeep and have them put it in. Then I'll change my...