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  1. Hitch Carrier for Snowblower

    Sorry if this should be in the towing thread? Wondering if anyone has found a hitch carrier that will clear an oversized tire on the JLUS-Sport? I haven't been able to find much. I've got a Sport S Unlimited. It has a factory mopar 2" lift and 34" BFG's. It didn't come with the tow package so...
  2. Aftermarket Auxiliary Switches ‘18 JLU

    I also would love to know this. I want off road lights and a CB since I hunt and want to get into running some trails. Most info I've found recommends ripping out fenders. I was hoping to find a grommet! But I guess if it was that easy, my local stealership wouldn't be charging an arm and...
  3. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    I have a Sport S. I had 285/70/17's put on (33") and because the stock rim has a postivie offset I had to put on a 1.5" spaceer. Here's a before and after pic. I love the set up, I've put about 10k miles on it since and it's been great. The handling is a little more 'squirrelly' but to be...
  4. Pics Request: 35's on Silver Sport Wheels

    Sorry, new to the forum so if I don't get this right I'll correct my post. I have a Silver Sport S. I put on the Mopar 2" lift (it's actually more like 3", maybe 3.5"?) lift. I then put on 285/70/17 on the stock wheels. I needed a 1.5" spacer unfortunately. Here's a before and after pic