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  1. Nevada Rotopax Gas Can Mount -- $40+shipping

    Hey everyone, Traded my JLU for a JT so selling my Rotopax mount. This system was designed by another forum member to fix over the spare. Easily removable, full access to backup camera, and rock solid. I am willing part with the plate & mounting hardware for free or include the Rotopax mount...
  2. Nevada Rubicon Steel front and rear bumper

    Also in Reno, sent a PM.
  3. Nevada 5x Falken Wildpeak MT 285/70r17 | Under 500 miles - $600

    Thanks man! They’re great tires, I’m just going up in size. Hoping to find them a new home.
  4. Nevada 5x Falken Wildpeak MT 285/70r17 | Under 500 miles - $600

    Selling stock tires from Rubicon. Size is 285/70/r17. Tires have ~300mi on them now and will have less than 500 on them next week when they come off the Jeep. All the hairs and markings are still intact. I presume shipping would be tricky, but happy to price it out if the buyer covers it...
  5. Nevada New in Box | 5x Method 703's | 17x8.5 - $1,300

    Going a different direction with my build and won't be putting these on my Jeep. 5 MR703s in Bronze with Bead Grip, new in box. I'll also throw in the lugs for another $50. Happy to ship if the buyer will cover it.
  6. Connecticut Roof top tent roof rack (no drill) - Exposed Racks

    Still available? Thanks.

    Did you ever end up selling the pre-fab hangers? I’d be quite interested! Thanks.
  8. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Do you have any pics after the install? Also, did you have a steel or plastic OEM bumper? I am trying to figure out whether my factory fogs will fit, since the Steel and Plastic have different configs from the factory. I am guessing that's why some folks were able to bolt them in, while others...
  9. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    I’d love to win a lift for a first mod to get this build off to the right start. We’ve been off-road a bunch and are quickly approaching the stock limits. Help us make this blank slate shine!
  10. California Trade: My '20 JLUR Auto for your '20 JLUR Manual

    Hey everyone, Absolutely loving my Rubicon so far, but admittedly having some buyer's remorse on the Automatic transmission. I have zero complaints, except for the fact that I am missing the feeling of shifting my own gears. If you have a Manual transmission and with you got the butter smooth...
  11. WTB JL Mopar Front Steel Bumper & Skid Plate

    Looking for Mopar JL Front Steel Bumper and Skid Plate. Thanks.
  12. Mounting a Rear-Facing LED Lightnbar inside JLU Hardtop

    That would be awesome, thanks.
  13. Mounting a Rear-Facing LED Lightnbar inside JLU Hardtop

    Hey everyone, This is my first post here, so please bear with me as I learn the forums. I am looking for some advice on mounting a rear-facing, multi-function light bar inside the hardtop on a JLU. Has anyone done something like this? Here is the light bar I'm looking at...
  14. New York Looking For Sport/Rubicon/Sahara Front Bumper NYC

    Total long shot here - is your bumper still for sale? Thanks!