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  1. Suggested dealers and deals near Chicago?

    Thank You appreciate the positive post anyone out there in the Midwest looking for the same experience please call or text me . 847-393-5262 Jason Beltran Hawk CDJR Forest Park IL
  2. Suggested dealers and deals near Chicago?

    We are 6% under dealer invoice with no hidden fees as of today and no charge wheel locks . Must have tread lightly membership or affiliate number from employer . Jason Beltran JL CHICAGO 847-393-5262
  3. Has anyone had their wheels stolen off their jeep lately? I'm debating getting wheel locks.

    For the $50 i think its a great idea all depends on what model you have a spare tire rim can cost you about $800 and then the cost of a tire as well .
  4. Suggested dealers and deals near Chicago?

    No need for Tread Lightly Membership this month take advantage of E.P pricing good until the end of November we just got a truck load of JL unlimited sports in with some decent equipment just call my cell phone number . 847-393-5262
  5. Keep or Trade it In?

    Thank You let me know if you need anything .
  6. Keep or Trade it In?

    Jason Beltran is Back in the game im at Hawk Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Forest Park IL if anyone needs me please call my cell # 847-393-5262
  7. Any 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL in sight for delivery?

    Hey Joe Its Jason Beltran Im at Hawk by your house now if you need anything please let me know