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  1. Any Louisiana peeps?

    Fingers crossed that your build goes quickly! I’m out 2-3 weekends a month on the trails. Hit me up when you pick up your new baby & we can arrange a trail day at one of the Louisiana trails. It’d be awesome to get a group of JLs out on the trails together!
  2. Proline 4x4 JL Bumpers

    Installed finally!
  3. Proline 4x4 JL Bumpers

    Just waiting on the fog lights to get here so I can install it!
  4. Louisiana Wheeling

    Gorgeous weather for it too
  5. Louisiana Wheeling

    Took her off road for Mother’s Day
  6. Any Louisiana peeps?

    They have a new business manager now, but I’ve heard their pricing/philosophy has remained the same. They helped me with the extra money off. Plus, when I went to pick up my plates I had another $500 check waiting for me “because we found another $500 from FCA after you left the dealership the...
  7. MetalCloak 3.5” lift kit for JL Wrangler

    At least you’ll have the comfort of knowing it’ll be done right. :blush: Fortunately I have other jeep friends with the skill, tools, and desire to help me do a lot of stuff. It’s a huge money saver. And I am sure to return the favor (at least in terms of free labor as an extra set of hands).
  8. MetalCloak 3.5” lift kit for JL Wrangler

    Awesome! I’m about a month out from having the cash for this kit. You installing yourself? Hope you jeep hurries along!
  9. MetalCloak 3.5” lift kit for JL Wrangler

    Considering this lift. Our JK has a metalcloak kit & we’ve had good experience with it. Thoughts on this kit??
  10. Proline 4x4 JL Bumpers

    Bumper gets delivered today & I’m taking it directly to powdercoating.
  11. Proline 4x4 JL Bumpers

    Not sure if I’m supposed to share it, but they never said not to...
  12. Proline 4x4 JL Bumpers

    I called inquired & they emailed me a pic of what they’re working on for the JL. Spoke to them about the possibility of ordering one. They don’t have one powedercoated & completely done yet, but it’s so close!
  13. Proline 4x4 JL Bumpers

    Any of you have any experience with Proline 4x4 out of Florida? They have a sweet looking JL bumper I’m considering, but I’ve not seen anyone locally with their JK bumpers. So I’m looking for the good, the bad, & anything in between.
  14. Miles on JL, before I took possession

    My JLUR rolled off the truck with just over 80 miles. Jeep’s answer was that it was put through extra testing on their course. Not sure what all that entails, but I’ve had zero issues with her so far. She’s got ~1200 miles now.
  15. Any Louisiana peeps?

    Hugh was the salesman I went through. My discount was an affiliate discount. They honor the Tread Lightly discount (1% under invoice) or you can check for your employer to see if they have a similar agreement.

    Straight off the truck, still wrapped in plastic! I get to pick her up tomorrow!!
  17. Any Louisiana peeps?

    Straight off the truck& still all plastic wrapped! I get to pick her up tomorrow!
  18. Red Dash Trim Removal / Replacement

    You can use a fabric pen to dye the stitching. It will take some time to do all the stitching, but it is absolutely doable without looking cheap. You can use sharpie also, but the dye in the fabric markers tends to be resistant to fading even for UV rays.
  19. Performance Lift - JL