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  1. Any Louisiana peeps?

    Thank you for the great feedback on the Ram Rebel. I went to the dealership today and did a test drive....and was very impressed. They didn't have any with the Rambox cargo system so I'll have to do some looking around. Between February being "truck month" (according to the sales rep) and the...
  2. Any Louisiana peeps?

    I'm one state over in Mississippi. Your profile says you have/had a Wrangler Rubicon and a Ram Rebel. Those are the exact two vehicles I'm cross shopping. Anything you especially liked/dislike about the Rebel?
  3. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Dear Jeep, That "land mass" between Alabama and Louisiana is called Mississippi. We'd like some Wranglers down here as well. Thanks. Really tired of seeing review after review while we haven't seen a single one down here.
  4. Proximity Entry (Keyless Entry N Go?) ?? on a sport?

    I was under the impression you couldn't get the Proximity Entry (keyless entry N Go?) on a Sport. Look at this window sticker. Am I confusing my options, or is this the option that allows you to walk up and unlock the doors without getting the key out. Is that a special order configuration...
  5. Uconnect 8.4 remote start?

    Is the hood closed completely? I believe there's a safety feature so it can't be started while the hood is open.
  6. Could someone check if the lease numbers have been released since its January?

    Yes, in a JK I'd be looking for a 2 door Rubicon. That having been said, I'm not in a hurry as I'll be waiting on the JL's to get to Mississippi so I can compare.
  7. Could someone check if the lease numbers have been released since its January?

    What kind of price is considered "cheap cheap" on a JK Rubicon?
  8. Longer wheelbase? Where is that room on the interior?

    I've seen a couple of posts that mention the JL has a longer wheelbase. I read that on the four door, part of that was given to the 2nd row leg room. What about the 2 door? Did it's wheel base increase? Where did they put that extra area? I'm interested in a 2 door and every inch counts...
  9. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    For those of you who keep finding JL's on dealer lots, do those jeeps usually show up as "on dealer lot" or "in transit" when looking on the Jeep website? I'm wondering if I should start lurking now in hope that they have one but just haven't listed it yet.
  10. JL 2 door - cargo area pics anyone?

    Thanks for the pics and video everyone! I was thinking about going with the 2 door because I like the way it looks a little better. But, based on the cargo layout and overall room, I think I'm going to look into the 4 door some more.
  11. JL 2 door - cargo area pics anyone?

    I've seen that pic. It's close, but not quite enough. I could kind of see the foot area in the 360" interior pic on the jeep build page. It looks just like the jk as far as I can tell. Thanks anyway.
  12. JL 2 door - cargo area pics anyone?

    I'm unable to find any pics of the area right behind the front seats. On the JK there was a big dip down there. If I get a JL 2 door, I'm going to take the rear seat out completely. Will the floor be flat, or will it dip? Does anyone have any pics of this area on the new 2 door? Thanks in...