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  1. 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited ORDER GUIDE (4-Door)!

    Is there a version of the Canadian order guide around. I checked but am unable to find one. Would like to order a 4 door Ruubicon but need the pricing guide. Thanks
  2. Canadian Members Pricing, orders, ETA arrivals

    I a I am in Ottawa, can you pm me those details. I have a two door but would like to get a 4 door
  3. JL rubi resale value compared to TJ/JK

    I see the 2 door holding value better than the four doors. There are many less of them and for some reason I think the fact they don’t make a 2 door Sahara is an omen to it’s future. Not soon, but eventually. JMHO
  4. 3.0L EcoDiesel Jeep JL Wrangler Spied!

    Mine tows stuff and I would like the diesel.
  5. Anyone towed anything with their JL yet?

    I have an auto and I was really surprised how easy it pulled and I was in some very hilly areas.
  6. Anyone towed anything with their JL yet?

    Towed this on the weekend 200km each way to the Mountains in Quebec. Dry weight is approx 1700lbs, the way we were loaded up including all gear in Jeep and accessories(winch etc) probably 2400lbs. Most of the way Transmission was in 7th dropping to 6 and 5 on big hills. Engine never struggled...
  7. What new features would you like to see on the 2020 JL?

    My top ones would be: A front window defroster that will actually defrost and defog the entire window and not just the middle Seat belts that don't flop in the wind incessantly as soon as the window is down or the top is off Heated LEDS for us that drive in the snow or freezing rain Available...
  8. Stupid question?

    With fenders as big as the Rubicon has why or how is it that when driving through accumulated water or puddles so much water gets thrown on the windshield you need your wipers on full blast. Its crazy. How the hell does the water get past the fenders so efficiently.
  9. Capitale Chrysler in Quebec convinced me not to buy a Jeep.

    Thats exactly what I did in Ottawa,Ontario as well. Used the price sheet, built it the way I wanted, sent to dealer and they sold it to me at cost plus a 500 dollar fee. I was very happy and they seemed happy to do it. As for buying where you service, I wouldn't worry about that. The sales...
  10. how can I flip the rearview mirror?

    I just flipped mine, took 3 seconds, just spun it around. Love it
  11. 2019 Canadian International AutoShow pics

    I apologize for whoever this offends but there has been so many good looking jeep pickup custom jobs over the years and the actual JT seems to be the worst of them all. It just doesnt look fluid at all. I was very excited for the release and concept drawing were beautiful but I hate the look of...
  12. Shift knob and dashboard 4WD mode indicator differ

    Not in 4L, the shift knob would be more to the right and on a slight angle. You need to pull to the right of where you are and then pull down. Do so at a rolling speed to make it easier
  13. Towing RV: Thinking about upgrading.

    Glad to hear that. i bought the 14 footer but will not get it until April. I have a 2 door so I feel pretty good about it now.
  14. With or without bull bar

    Friggin brilliant
  15. Slightly Flooded JL Sport Advice

    Thank you very mich for the info
  16. Slightly Flooded JL Sport Advice

    All great advice, Can you explain why you would keep the engine going if possible?, is it to help in recovery? Thanks
  17. Chocolate Thunder’s Most Excellent Build Thread!

    Thank you very much for the info. Appreciate it
  18. Chocolate Thunder’s Most Excellent Build Thread!

    Where did you get the tool less bolts for the hard top? How is the steering with the stabilizer? Any free play in the steering wheel. Great looking ride