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  1. Arizona pinstripes

    Embrace them with pride that she actually gets off-road! But....if you wanna do some pretty decent protection for your paint and minimize what you get from the narrow trails, I'd go with a decent ceramic coat that you can put on yourself. I use the "Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic" stuff that is...
  2. Sedona trip suggestions

    Another you might wanna look at is Soldier's Pass. It's very limited to get a vehicle pass, something like a dozen a day, but there are lots of people that walk it. For Schnebly Hill, would highly recommend hitting that during the day. We did it at night and it wasn't a very enjoyable trail...
  3. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Squad went did the Back way to Crown King yesterday and got the BoH tab. Really nice bit of wheeling out there and got everyone in and out, including a dude on his first wheeling trip!
  4. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    Protection wise, I don't see how the Rubicon would be better (or worse) for loose sand. Weight is fairly negligible and the rubi extras are not geared around sand driving so much. I'd be more concerned with tires than anything else and a wider contact patch should get you the best results. I...
  5. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    Yup, running the Patagonia M/Ts. Im a big fan of them and had them about 5500 miles now, it's my DD and my weekend warrior. Offraod they stick like glue to the rocks we have out here in AZ, I'm keeping traction on steep climbs that some of my group were spinning on with other tires so...
  6. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    I did what you're lookin at doing exactly and its been no issues. Went with the spidertrax spacers and 35/12.5r17 Milestars on the stock rims and had the tires mounted at discount tire. Been very smooth offroad and looks great. Follow the spidertrax installs and check torque as they specify...
  7. Opinions on sky one-touch top

    Running mine for about a year and a half now, zero regrets! Everyone is different but it was by far the best possible top as I have it up and down several times a day, in Arizona its really heat dependent. No leaks at all, no issues at all in fact, it's been pretty much perfect. I will say...
  8. AZ - anyone have a spare stock.rear driveshaft?

    Might be a long shot but does anyone around the Tucson Area have a stock rear driveshaft laying around? I scraped the snot out of mine and it's out of balance now creating a vibration. New one is ordered but lost on FedEx hell in Phoenix and I'm trying to get out this weekend.
  9. You know how jeepers be

    This video was put out together by one of the guys I was out crawling with a little bit ago from 2nd Hand Overland. Not gonna lie, I think he got many of us dead on.
  10. Saw a bronco sport in the wild today

    I think the Bronco/Bronco sport naming convention is a bit silly since they're 2 totally different vehicles but it does make some sense. Jeep is a brand but when you just call some thing a jeep, you picture the wrangler even though they also make a compass/renegade/etc. By putting the Bronco...
  11. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Great day on the trail yesterday up at Boulders OHV park north of Phoenix! Got 5 wranglers (and 3 others although they didn't play as hard) out and back with only my driveshaft a casualty. Surround yourself with awesome people for awesome stuff!
  12. Arizona Trip

    Schnebly Hill is a BoH one up in Sedona that offers some fantastic views. Broken Arrow is awesome but I wouldn't call it an easy trail. If you can get the permit, Soldier's Pass is somewhere inbetween and a lot of fun, you can drive up to a huge sink hole which is pretty awesome.
  13. Arizona Trip

    Greetings! One of the big AZ groups is State 48 Jeepers (you can find on FB). There are runs every week and sometimes more than one. Not that far south of Phoenix is Box Canyon, a nice little run and depending on how you do it you can see and do different stuff.
  14. Driving Wrangler? How about the balance of compromises.

    Another vote for ATs being a solid option. I didn't have as good a luck with KO2s however, the wet traction was not very good on my set and I have pretty bad chunking as well, traded them in at 25k miles for Patagonias. I think I just got a not so good set as others had great luck with them...
  15. Can a JL WU be a good highway cruiser?

    Love mu JLUR for long drives but a everyone said, its all relative. Pros: With the new steering box added, it still tracks nicely even though it has 35s and the 2.5 Metal Cloak gamechanger lift. The infotainment panel is intuitive and easy to work. I only use the android auto on long...
  16. Thoughts about winches

    I almost always wheel in a group but wanted a winch to help recover others as well. Had this "beast" a year and used it 2x, seems to be roughly equivalent to the badlands ones.
  17. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    This is true for all 2020+ colors. I have a 2020 JLUR in Bikini and it also came with a red dash when I ordered with cloth seats even though all the 2019s in Bikini had gray as standard. It eventually grew on me but man body colored would be nice.
  18. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    I took my big guy (130 lbs) on some wheeling trips with my JK and he had a blast. Sadly we lost him a few years ago and we haven't had a chance to take out my new girl (135 lbs).
  19. Who actually uses A/C?

    Arizona. Opening her up at 114 does nothing but coat you in a layer of salt from dry sweat, kinda nasty
  20. Air Compressor Options

    Running 35s, Milestar Pats, and typically air down to 14 psi. I'd look at a bottle but not sure how I'd fill it, no compressor at home.