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  1. Buying a 2018-2020 Jeep rubicon unlimited

    My 2020 has perfect steering, but as others have said, I hope you have deep pockets. New have long waits, and used are ridiculous. The online vroom, carvana, etc are offering me 5K more than I paid new for mine a year and 13K miles ago.
  2. I shouldn’t be getting a kick outta this, but I am.

    I thinking most of it is people that have been waiting for this for a long time are doing it to have something to do while this long delay in production goes on. Any other year where inventory started arriving as expected, you would see a lot less of this. I have a side by side, and even in...
  3. 2022 Color Wish List

    As my first vehicle, the sentimental part of me would like the old rally II scout green, call it mint, with rubicon white lettering.
  4. 2022 Color Wish List

    Definitely Gobi from the Jt
  5. Any experience or thoughts on these GoRhino Rock Sliders?

    I have option 2 and they are really good. They arent mud flaps, but they definitely cut down on the rocks kicking up on your rear fenders. They also are a good step for taking freedom tops off, loading up cargo racks, etc. They are frame mounted and will take some abuse. If you are looking...
  6. 392 vs Diesel

    Which one is yellow?
  7. JL resale values are insane!

    This is funny, I just checked the other day after hearing stories on used car prices, I could get almost 5K more than I paid for my used JLUR with 12K miles with a cash now option and have been deleting dozens of emails since looking to follow up.
  8. Looking for something for my jeep

    I like the black much better, in fact I like the black accents so much, I got those black hinge covers to break it up a bit more on mine. I agree with what someone above said, you make those gloss white and it just draws a bunch of attention to the other black details making it look like a...
  9. You might have a "mall crawler" if.....

    Haha, is this a thing? I never noticed or looked!
  10. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    I have not been thrilled with the auto climate in the cold but for different reasons. When its below 45 or so outside, but the sun has warmed up the interior to a comfortable temp, I like it to be about 65 or so if even that warm. The climate control seems to blow crazy hot. Like the interior...
  11. Need HELP with out of state purchase.

    This is probably most common and was my experience with buying new in Oregon, registering in Washington, then registering in South Dakota. Oregon has no sales tax, so you either pay the tax based on Washington wrapped into loan, or pay the tax when you register in Washington. Either way you need...
  12. Ordering a 4XE Tomorrow - Pick My Color!!!

    You have to go see them in person, no pic ever does the color justice, even in different lighting. I wasn't even considering Hella Yella when I was looking. I was looking at Punkin or Ocean Blue, until I saw the Yellow in person and loved it.
  13. Using local 4x4 shop. Not doing what they said. Advice

    Agreed, you gave him all day Saturday to work on your Jeep and seem to be upset it wasn't done Friday afternoon. It sounds like you are not doing what you said you were agreeing on, that being Saturday pickup. Now if he says he can't get it done Sat, then you may request some kind of break or...
  14. Brand New Jeep: is the rear end supposed to sit higher than the front?

    This being the 4Xe, there may be a bit more to it due to where the center of gravity and front to rear weight distribution is at with batteries vs ice engine, etc. Spacing the front up an inch on the 4Xe may make significantly more difference on how much weight is over the front axle. Not...
  15. Storing freedom tops

    I just lay them flat behind the back seats with my soft cargo cover in between them, takes no time at all.
  16. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    That would be a damn funny joke badge to make up. Magnetic Mall of America badge you can put on your friends Jeep before a group ride :)
  17. Rear End Damage - repairable or total?

    Ugh, don't do this! If an adjuster finds this out you are F'ed. They can and will run the VIN. Even if it is negligible to them regarding payout, its blatant fraud, as you are making them pay to replace things you are not replacing. Taken to an extreme, its like if you took the engine out...
  18. Jeep Ducked!

    I read the comments in the other thread, lord Ray, don't ever read the comments! Seriously, people will think nothing of packing a cooler full of bud light, hitting the trails, pinstriping their ride, bending a rub rail, scratching a $300 rim, but totally loose their shait if someone drops a...
  19. Jeep Ducked!

    I think its really cool. I ordered a set of random ones I can match to others jeeps and mention, "love the rims" Jeep Ducked! , etc. You can collect them or pay them forward. I am thinking it might also be regional?
  20. Jeep Ducked!

    I hadn't heard of this before, I will need to pick me up some!