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  1. Iowa FSR Adventure GS 55 RTT

    Like new, used 2 nights on one trip. Free-spirit recreation roof top tent. Fits a JLU perfectly. Sets up very fast with gas struts on each side. Insulated ceiling. Columbia 3 inch memory foam mattress topper. Bought new in August for $2400, asking $1950. 563.581.6223
  2. Is the U-connect with Nav a "must have" for most buyers?

    The 8.4 with Nav and Alpine is HD and sounds much better than the standard non HD 8.4 radio.
  3. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    @VS2000 Well it was a 1000 mile weekend with some rough, rocky, and muddy forest service roads. The dee zee rack held up just fine. My only issue is after a day of driving in the rough areas the feet would back off and I would have to snug them back against the roof. A little blue loctite will...
  4. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    It seems solid so far. This weekend will be about 800 mile road trip with some rough forest roads. I'll report back if I have any issues. At 124 pounds I lifted the tent up there myself and it really doesn't effect driving.
  5. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Installed my FSR GS 55 today in the dee zee hex rack. I used 3 bars across the rails and used 4 gutter clamps. Super secure and stable with the 6 feet on the top. I took the front portion off as I didn't need it and I can still take the freedom panels off easily.
  6. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Awesome. My FSR Adventure 55 tent arrives tomorrow and I'm stoked! Headed to the way north of the UP this weekend so I'll post some pics if it with the dee zee hex rack also.
  7. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Nice, but need pics of it set up with the tent you tease! Lol
  8. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    They say specifically not to connect the front and rear roof sections with one rack in the instructions. They do sell the 24 inch racks separately so you can put one on front and one on back of the 2 door.
  9. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Do you have a pic showing the rear? I ordered this rack as well and am looking at the same tent. Trying to decide if I can have the tent open to the rear and still swing the tailgate open with the ladder down. Thanks
  10. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    They sell just the front rack on Summit Racing website. I think it was $250.
  11. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Just drove it home last night and had to flex before putting it in the garage.