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  1. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    still have your brakes/rotors??
  2. Scottsdale/Phoenix Lift kit sales and installation

    Yeah... I know they’re slammed for install dates, as are most places. Either have to wait or do it yourself :/
  3. Scottsdale/Phoenix Lift kit sales and installation

    I’ll gladly install for you hah. I’ve done mine twice and a buddy’s JK. As for buying, go to Doetsch for the best deal and stuff actually in stock!
  4. Washington Accutune Fox 2.0 Performance Series 1.5-4″ Lift, LSC Adjuster

    any idea what shipping may be? 85286. I have no clue what it would be and have been looking at getting some Fox shocks from accutune. I'll be honest and say I'd only make an offer if shipping was reasonable enough to not screw one of us hah.
  5. Dealers...OMG

    the manufacturers are hurting... not dealerships. dealers kind of have the upper hand on buyers right now because plants in North America have been shut down. low supply and steady demand is good for their pricing, but not so much for volume sales.
  6. California Evo 2.5” lift

    how many miles is on the kit?
  7. Expedition One 2018 JL Wrangler Product Lineup

    @Expedition One am I able to order the core series rear bumper WITHOUT sensor holes? Thanks!
  8. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    Hopefully not too late to enter! Would love to have a set!
  9. Rubicon JL Rubicon Axles $3500 (pending sale)

    sorry, didnt see the sold strikethrough
  10. Rubicon JL Rubicon Axles $3500 (pending sale)

    i want em if you still have them! chandler
  11. Sunrider twill for trade

    i have an aux switch full assembly if you want to trade....? i ordered one from the dealer and went with an spod after seeing someone do exactlyyy what i wanted hah
  12. New Spring Pad Option for Mopar Lift Correction

    Are these pads a good option for even just replacing the factory ones on the stock rubicon suspension? ...without causing left/right positioning issues... The cheap look and feel just KILLS me every time I see the stocks.
  13. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    yes... reds are rubicon shocks. springs too. sell as "rubi takeoffs"
  14. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    If anyone has plans to upgrade/replace their painted fenders... I WANT them! Figured this was my best shot (delete if necessary).