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  1. Roof Rack

    Here is a video with soft top and GOBI. Hard top shouldn’t be too difficult to put on after removing. Just will require some maneuvering to get to on.
  2. Orders with half doors on delay

    Half doors are here for me! However I ordered in December and they came at end of March. Others like @Archeonomy ordered in Sept/Oct and waited 4-5 months like myself. So 2-3 months waiting is not bad!
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    For sure drop the PSI! You’ll prob freak out the first bump you hit if you leave it at anything over 35 let alone 45.
  4. What’s something it took you a while to notice on your Jeep?

    So is it not a JeeperKeeper then and you’re getting rid of it?
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Part 2 for today… hung the Offroad Concepts door hangar. No issues with fitting the half doors in. Will be swapping to them here soon once the crazy ass Colorado weather has figured out it’s not winter.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally got my hood decal from @pixeldecals put on. Looks great and no glare!
  7. Clear/Body colored anti glare hood decal

    No. Just the Rubicon lettering was changed to match new hood decal. Gloss black outline with topographic matte gray.
  8. Clear/Body colored anti glare hood decal

    Mine is not here yet for hood and should be tomorrow. Here is the proof from @pixeldecals. The fenders are done so you can see what it looks like.
  9. Clear/Body colored anti glare hood decal

    The problem is getting a perfect match Is going to be super difficult with as many different shades and colors there are. I have sting gray and the matte gray I have is not a match. It looks good, but not a perfect match. Plus black will absorb more light than other colors.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got the Exposed Racks installed today and changed out my Rubicon sticker to one from @pixeldecals. Looks great and looking forward to getting the hood decal on soon!
  11. Shocks on backorder

    Call 4WP. Depending on what you’re looking for they may be able to source them since they have such a large reach across the country. I needed 3.5-4” and was able to get them a couple days after calling. Worth a shot at least!
  12. Allen Bike Rack Feedback?

    I have that exact one and used it multiple times without issue. Only issue now is it does not fit over my spare. Depending on tire size you're running it works great. If you are looking to buy let me know as I need to find a new one to fit 35's.
  13. Alloy USA lift kits?

    Look at Synergy lifts as well. I have no experience with Alloy USA, but I do know and have heard good things about Synergy. I found them while looking for a 2" lift as most lifts are 2.5"+.
  14. Borla Climber Touring exhaust installed on 2.0L JLUR

    Funny that MetalCloak didn't think to rotate their logo on rear diff skid so it wasn't upside down... as is it is now it is WetalCloak. Also... did they do a design change? On their site the logo doesn't even appear on the skid.
  15. Installing MOPAR 2" 2 door lift on 4 door

    Not running the Mopar kit, but from what I’ve read the 2” is on Rubicon models. Others models are netting 3” range. I’m running Synergy 2” and from what I’ve seen in person on other Rubicon’s running the Mopar we netted about the same. Roughly 2.5” lift. Give or take a little.
  16. Colorado Jeep JL Rubicon OEM steel front bumper with LED fog lights and warn winch bracket

    @flight4f any interest in selling just the winch plate?
  17. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    Agreed. It is actually probably more beneficial to drive diff rigs back to back to get a feel for what you get with diff setups before you send your time and money on the investment.
  18. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    @Bobbys I would stick w/35's. No need for 37's unless you plan on getting super into getting out every weekend and hitting harder trails. More is going to be involved once you start moving up. I am on 35's w/ 2" Synergy lift. Rubicon gears at 4.10 are perfectly matched with my 2.0T and the 8...
  19. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Guessing the AEV Salta's for the JK...
  20. Anyone tint fender lights?

    @slick Got them put on this evening. Came out pretty good so far in the limited light my garage provides in the evening. I did have to trim 1/8" or so off bottom to get a better fit. I did 3 of the covers with a wet install and one with dry. I highly recommend doing wet install just don't use...