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  1. Rusty's Offroad Rocker Armor with Kick Tube

    Dunno, but the more i look at them, the more I kinda like 'em.
  2. Trying to understand the Game?

    All said, though, if you are talking to Jim Butler CDJR in Missouri, they were one of the three best prices I was able to find anywhere in the continental United States (and they had the lowest document fees of the ones i found at $199 total doc fees). If you aren't talking to them, @MinerSteve...
  3. Trying to understand the Game?

    They even picked me up from the local airport, along with another guy from Louisiana who was buying a Ram 3500 on the same day, and they were able to beat any of the deals he found for the Ram Trucks, as well.
  4. Trying to understand the Game?

    If you're going with the Butler Auto Group (Jim Butler CDJR), then, yes, it is real. I just did a build and picked up a JLURD about 3 weeks ago from them at around 13% below sticker price (plus TTL), which works out to just about 8% below invoice (plus TTL). No games or hidden prices. The...
  5. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Ordered this JLURD back in January. Picked it up yesterday! Only bad thing is I already had a blind spot sensor malfunction (mirror indicator light stays on continuously no matter what I do and sends an error to the computer) in the first 20 miles and I'll have to take it in for repair 😡.
  6. Tread lightly affilliate no longer applying to 4xe orders?

    Access Fund gives you access to the same program. It allows you to participate in Affiliate Pricing (FFP). They can't be stacked because they are the same thing, just through a different company.
  7. Turn headlights off = Blinded by instrument panel??

    Definitely interested if there is a solution out there... For me, having the parking lights (or any exterior lights) on is not desirable.
  8. New Bumper With No Hardware, Will it Work?

    Are there more bumpers like that available? For the right price, I might be willing to buy one, as well.
  9. Difficult Choices

    Trade info is definitely not listed on the scribbles they put on the bottom of the FWP sheet anyway...
  10. Difficult Choices

    That would make sense, but I don't recall discussing payoff information on the trade. I gave them basic information such as make, model, condition, etc., but I'm pretty sure we didn't discuss payoff information. 🤔 Got me wondering, though. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Difficult Choices

    Really appreciate the responses so far. Thanks! All great perspectives. It does seem to be a deal that's too good to be true on the Willys, but I just saw the email after business hours and I haven't called to verify it. All the stuff I've read on the 3.0 diesel has me very interested in it...
  12. Difficult Choices

    So, first post here.😬 One of the reasons I hate the buying process is I have such a hard time making up my mind. I tend to spend days, if not weeks, agonizing over what exactly I want and how to get the best price on what I eventually settle on. In this particular case, I've gone back and...