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  1. Beach driving

    Yes you have to go there. And be prepared with everything on the list IN CASE they inspect your vehicle. Driving your vehicle on the beach You can drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle on the beach, with a valid permit, to gain access to areas of the park where you are allowed to surf fish. The...
  2. Wave Snob

    Me too! Puts a smile on my face as well. I don't know why you wouldn't want to be a part of that :)
  3. Wave Snob

    I (a woman) wave at all Jeeps, and I usually do get more waves back from men. I don't know what's up the ladies butts lol
  4. Jumped my Jeep this morning

    Hey Manasquan! Hi from Toms River!
  5. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Not once did I say anything about losing control of my vehicle. Not once did I say I was concerned about safety. The only "concern" that I had is if the recalled part didn't fix my Jeep I wouldn't get it back. If "sally" can't handle an emergency then "sally" shouldn't be driving anything at...
  6. Missed Something or scarring off?

    don't buy a vehicle that came from an auction
  7. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    There's a cat ON my Jeep with it's death wobble....I'm up shits creek.
  8. Steering damper, steering box, and track bars.
  9. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    I was wondering the same thing. Because at no time during any of the "episodes" have I had a hard time controlling the vehicle. I'm not saying they shouldn't fix it, but it's not like I'm flying off the side of the road.
  10. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Mine is at the Dealer right now. I had the Damper replaced in February due to the death wobble, before the recall. It seemed to fix the issues but I rarely go 70+ mph. Ignored the recall at first, then I started to notice if I was going over 50mph and hit a bump a certain way I would get a...
  11. What Would the Bronco Have to Do to Win You Over

    It would have to not be a Ford ;)
  12. Quick Poll - Why You Choose Not To Wave?

    Personally I clicked this option because there was no option for concentrating on road/looking for a location. I wave at all Jeeps I pass and I'd have to say less than half wave back.