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  1. Fox 2.0 shocks review - stock height, can you even flex bro?

    Glad they worked out for you. Out of the box they should ride much better over stock or any IFP shock. Add some custom valving and they can ride even better. Definitely one of our most recommended shock options for JLs.
  2. Shocks on backorder

    We also have them in stock, free custom valving included in the MSRP price, no price matching since no one else offers the tuning services we do.
  3. Shocks on backorder

    Is that a factory replacement shock or an aftermarket shock for a lift? Our lead times are definitely not that bad
  4. Bypass shocks

    Curious why you are looking to make the big change? Are you not happy with the current shocks?
  5. Rock Krawler X-factor complete with Fox 2.0 shocks

    Yes it will affect the performance if you put a longer than needed shock on the Jeep. You will lose about an inch of up travel. Although that does not seem like a lot, it is. Not sure if you are looking at Fox 2.0 IFP or Remote Reservoirs. Remote reservoir shocks will last longer and require...
  6. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    -Fox 2.0 IFP Shocks are very difficult to take apart & charge which is why Fox may be the only ones who will rebuild them for you (long lead times), most other companies that work on shocks will not. We consider these"throw away shocks". Not tunable or rebuildable from us. Lifespan for those...
  7. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    All good, if you have any specific questions feel free to send over a direct message
  8. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Unfortunately Fox got rid of their adjustable 2.0 RR shocks. However, they do have 2.5 shocks with both high and low speed compression adjusters. Super nice stuff. Main reason I asked if you had remote reservoirs or not, is thats a shock that can be tuned for your driving preference. Although...
  9. Control Arm and bump stop question

    Tires may still rub fenders under full articulation. Bump stops are meant to keep things from hitting each other... axle into engine, tires into fenders etc. and also keep the shock from bottoming out first (like mentioned above). You will most likely need those even with longer travel...
  10. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Did you get remote reservoir Fox 2.0 shocks?
  11. Teraflex IR long arm kit

    Our kit uses custom spec'd coilovers, wont work with off the shelf coilovers. We designed them that way to get the most travel with low lift height.
  12. Need to piece together a quality lift.

    For the best ride quality, a set of tuned Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks would be my suggestion.
  13. Who is using fox 3.0’s

    I think you would be much happier with 2.0 or 2.5 shocks for a trail rig that sees the street.
  14. California Synergy Jeep JL / JLU / JT Heavy Duty Drag Link Kit ~ Used

    Drag link is only about 8 months old, maybe 10k miles on it. Not bent, minor scratches. TRE boot torn when uninstalling it, otherwise in good shape. Link to more details with photos. new: $300 price: $100 + shipping Located in Carson, CA 90746
  15. Shock Guy questions

    Thats very odd. How far did you drive on them when you had these issues? Wonder if it got better as you continued to drive on them and warm up the shocks/tires.
  16. Shock Guy questions

    Got it. Temperature like that wont have a huge affect, but as they warm up the shocks should perform as usual.Usually the main concern we have with high and low temperatures is the shock seals, not the oil. Plenty of other factors could be in play as well since replacing balljoints and knuckles...
  17. Shock Guy questions

    What "other changes" did you make prior to driving it. Adjusting the DSC adjusters? Sounds to me like you have two variables in the mix, temperature and these "changes". Did you go back to the original setup prior to the changes to see if that resolved it?
  18. Fox Reservoir Shocks - Front Reservoir Mounting Locations

    I've seen another Jeeper actually use high strength magnets to mount the reservoirs in this location, if it does get close to a rock it can be moved very easily and temporarily. Pretty cool idea, just not sure how strong of a magnet you would need to get that to stay put.
  19. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    Wow. Nitrogen levels would only change if the seals are not up to the task. The Nitrogen is either escaping through the top cap, schrader valve or back into the shock oil. We've not seen an issue with Fox/King seals anywhere in the US. Totally get it, hopefully you can get some good feedback on...
  20. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    Curious what you mean by this. Are you having to recharge your shocks often? Or why are you mentioning the recharge? Also, you mentioned you you love the ride of your current shocks.... have you ridden in another Jeep with different shocks? I too thought I had good shocks until I rode in...