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  1. Drivers side seat wont fold back

    Lol dealer is all ready working on it with FCA, but thanks,they have seen this problem in about 5 times over last couple of years in the last of the JK and early JL's. Ordered my 2Dr JL online before 2 Dr were even in production one the earliest 2 Drs our,and except for this never had any problems.
  2. Drivers side seat wont fold back

    Yes was there when seat was removed. Part of the carrier has separated.
  3. Drivers side seat wont fold back

    Thanks,but problem with my carrier is a weld issue.
  4. Drivers side seat wont fold back

    [UOTE="Rhinebeck01, post: 1451977, member: 17776"] @WestKY Order part here: How to install the part...
  5. Drivers side seat wont fold back

    I'm pretty sure this has been posted before. Got a 18 jl 2dr wrangler,40k miles front seat has probably been moved twice since I have owned it. Dealer informed me seat carrier has to be replaced 648 bucks. This has been a Jeep issue for awhile,can't believe they haven't come up with better carrier.
  6. The Tire Carrier Thread

    Not a clue yet. Will post when it does
  7. The Tire Carrier Thread

    Warn Elite rear bumper for JL is available now with tire carrier. I pre ordered it from Quadratec today will post pics soon as it arrives and I install it.
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  9. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    Completed a few upgrades on this build
  10. Help with mounting Warn winch

    Yes but again I have a warn bumper, mount plate is built in they made sure bolts are accessable
  11. Help with mounting Warn winch

    They were included with my 10s I put on a few days ago and happen to see in the instruction to check plate thickness
  12. Help with mounting Warn winch

    Just remembered something in the winch mounting instructions if your winch mount is 1/4 " or less thick use the 1 1/2" bolts supplied.
  13. Help with mounting Warn winch

    I have the Warn Elite bumper underneath it are holes covered by plugs that give you access to push up on them and tighten with socket,by any chance are there plugs under yours?
  14. Help with mounting Warn winch

    I don't have the factory steel bumper, try attaching a string to the bolts and fish it up thru the holes. I have used the trick on other bumpers before.

    Afternoon upgrade. Warn Elite front bumper,Zeon 10s winch,KC Apollo Pro Driving lights.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Started with the upgrades today. Off with the plastic front bumper,on with Warn's Elite front Bumper,a Xeon 10s Winch,and a pair of KC's Apollo Pro driving lights. 6 hours to complete installs and wiring. Out of time,out of money,must go to work to complete rest of my wish list lol. Later.
  17. Warn Zeon Winch install tips

    Check this article out,newer Xeons are 90 degrees but here is information about it.
  18. Install Warn Elite front bumper

    Yes OEM halogen fogs will need trimming, also on a note here if your planning on installing Xeon winch the frame rails has to be trimmed also the other winches fit without trimming. Neither was a big deal. I used a small grinder with Cutoff wheel.
  19. Front license plate with steel bumpers?

    There are after market flip up plate holders that mount over the fairlead.allowing you to use the winch.
  20. Steel Bumpers Or No Steel Bumpers?

    If you never go off road then your plastic bumper is fine,obviously the main reason is winch capability of steel versus the plastic. Also scar up a plastic on rock it's scarred. Scar a steel bumper the fix can be as cheap as a can of rustoleum.