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  1. License Plate location like the Fender mounted RUBICON

    LoD has one, because their bumper is angled at the place where the JL bumper mounts the plate.
  2. Steering damper recall and death wobble

    I actually experienced a good death wobble several times. Had planned on taking it in anyways when I got the recall notice The recall fixed it completely
  3. Death Wobble Poll

    In the last month or I’ve experienced the death wobble a few times. In every case I was in a slow bend at speed and I hit a bump that went across the entire lane. One was where the road crew tore up the road to replace a drainage pipe and did a shitty job patching the road. The other was on a...
  4. Heated seats and steering wheel?

    Imagine yourself first good sunny day in the spring. It’s supposed to warm. So off comes the doors & top and you strike out for an amazing day on the trails. And it is Amazing! So much in fact it’s late when you start heading back. Except now the sun is setting and that huge ball of heat is...