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  1. ANOTHER Towing Thread (Sorry, Not Sorry)

    I checked out the geopro as well. badass unit for sure. but definitely too heavy. I think the dryweight was around 3200lbs
  2. ANOTHER Towing Thread (Sorry, Not Sorry)

    please don't tempt me LOL! my brother has the gladiator and it's such a beautiful piece of machinery. I just can't get rid of my rig though. it's like having a sick child, can't just trade it in, gotta work with it and figure out a solution. we're soul bonded lol. happy jeeping to ya (:
  3. ANOTHER Towing Thread (Sorry, Not Sorry)

    funny you. rough up the jk as a towing vehicle. everyone I've spoken to and everything I've read about hasn't had the best experience towing with it. on the other hand the jl is a different story. handles towing much better especially when navigating through mountain highways. majority if the...
  4. ANOTHER Towing Thread (Sorry, Not Sorry)

    Thanks for the input. I plan on traveling very light (almost no cargo in the jeep, not filling tanks in trailer, etc). Yeah the 37s are about 80lbs a piece lol. will definitely head over to the cat scale before embarking on a trip. I expect to be below weight limits. majority of the towing will...
  5. ANOTHER Towing Thread (Sorry, Not Sorry)

    Interesting to see that you had such a bad problem with that. I've towed tons of trailers in different sizes and shapes from boats to cargo trailers to campers totaling thousands of miles using trucks and SUVs both smaller and larger than a 3/4 ton and haven't ever had a terrible reaction to...
  6. Anyone install a plug and play remote start kit?

    Anyone know of a plug and play remote start kit for the JL Sport (No power locks/buttons on key fob)? Really want to get one installed for heating/cooling cab in winter/summer months. TIA
  7. ANOTHER Towing Thread (Sorry, Not Sorry)

    First off before everyone gets mad at me for not researching other threads first, I cannot tell you how many different threads I've read through. Not just skimmed through, but read everything. I've found some very helpful information throughout all of them, but really just wanted to get my...
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