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  1. Anyone going to Moab Jeep Jamboree?

    Sounds good to me looking forward to it. I don’t know how this group will run but I will most likely be doing the hardest trials they offer. Perhaps we will be in the same group.
  2. Anyone going to Moab Jeep Jamboree?

    I am going. If I get in early I’m down for some extra credit runs on Thursday or some night runs.
  3. Expedition One 2018 JL Wrangler Product Lineup

    Is this out yet?
  4. Rhino Rack Short Platform on JLU

    Can I see a photo of this please.
  5. Mojave Rd. roll call

    How was the trail? I’m headed there in two weeks with friends.
  6. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    I rigged up a platform for now, but I really want the Frontrunner full slide.
  7. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    I ended up with the Snomaster 42. Hopefully picking it up tomorrow.
  8. license plate relocation idea

    I use it. Forgot my keys to my hitch lock on John Bull. Not much of it left. I think there are better options.
  9. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Seven days on a GZ1000?!? That’s insane. So I could get away with a 400 even then, especially if I go solar.
  10. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    That looks great. I like the DFG offering. But I think, and to update the thread, I’m going to wait for the front runner full slide out.
  11. 4.56 or 4.88?

    4.88’s are a great ratio with the 8 speed automatic almost regardless of tire size.
  12. Mopar Grab Handles

    Mopar Grab Handles. Shipping costs only. Located in Los Angeles. Basically brand new, just went a different direction.
  13. Any thoughts on Line X Ultra?

    I’ve seen both. They simply look different. Wrap won’t have texture. LineX will (and that can vary). LineX can add weight. I prefer LineX for your situation if that’s the look you want.
  14. Where to get Gladiator Grill Inserts?

    This would be a really nice swap. Can someone find a part number? Will it fit the 2.0? I think that extra cooling could be amazing especially for the turbo.
  15. Rubicon Armor

    You definitely want heavier duty rockers. Artec skids help with the hanging up on the factory crossmembers. Oh, and the Rubicon steel bumper is a POS that will impact your tub if you actually hit it. It hangs low and has got to go. You will also hit your receiver hitch. Factory exhaust will be...
  16. What carbon fiber products would you like to see

    I see the opportunity to replace cabinetry and storage solutions like this person did: it would be super easy to remove a 33lb cabinet when it’s not in use vs a 150lb cabinet.
  17. Electrical issues first time off road

    Try keeping it in manual mode if you’re talking about offroad for these situations. Don’t ask me why, but it prevents it.
  18. Need help deciding which lift: ICON Stage 2 or 3, OR Teraflex ST2 with 2.1 or 3.1 Falcon

    I run Teraflex with all 8 arms and RK track bars with the Falcon 3.3’s. It does everything I want and then some. All of the lifts listed are good options. All will do what you could want. The differences are primarily in the shocks and springs and how they ride both on and off road. There is...
  19. Looking for Custom Hardtop stickers

    Agreed. Stars forward always when displaying a flag. It looks backwards but it’s correct.