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  1. JL Wrangler body in white shell shows fender lights + vents, hood latches + design, roll cage frame

    Where do you see a windshield? I'm almost positive that there's no windshield on this body because the tarp caves in. One thing we can see though is the indent of the fender vent beginning above the fender. Also, the hood looks good!
  2. Export Only: All-New 2018 Sahara Overland JL Wrangler

    Nobody else is pissed about the whole export only thing? This is a Wrangler, after all.. shouldn't all types be sold in states?
  3. Pics I found on another forum

    from a few days ago
  4. No Vent On The JL's Hood

    It's going to be real hard to buy a sport considering almost everything will be improved on higher end models
  5. Wardrobe malfunction exposes JL Wrangler rear

    Maybe they're part of the camo? The LEDs we saw were flush with the body and I doubt they'd make an entirely different (and bulky looking) housing for the non LED option
  6. Manley confirms Nov 28-29 LA show reveal and talks hybrid / electric Wrangler

    I don't think they're trying to shift numbers. The jeep has HIGH market share and if they change absolutely nothing, it will remain that way. To add on the high market share, they are expanding the variants. So yea, regular marketing rules don't really apply here
  7. Manley confirms Nov 28-29 LA show reveal and talks hybrid / electric Wrangler

    The mules running around are their hype-building ads lol
  8. Manley confirms Nov 28-29 LA show reveal and talks hybrid / electric Wrangler

    From a marketing standpoint, this makes sense. I'm sure Jeep's marketing department is completely aware of the forums and how much info we're recieving. The enthusiasts will more than likely have all info on the new Jeep by then through the forums, and the sheeple who just want to buy a boxy off...
  9. 2018 Wrangler info from FCA dealers meeting (diesel, colors, debut, power sliding top, etc.)

    At this point, might it be safe to begin assuming the panel-construction hard top isn't coming, at least at launch? This will be the deal breaker for me, personally. I could deal with the JK's transmission/lack of back-up cam if the only major upgrades for the JL aside from tranny are limited to...
  10. So what's a realistic time frame for FCA to lock down the JL reveal date?

    No point in slowing down JK sales for the reveal if timing of reveal won't make a difference for JL sales. I'm just curious to see how they plan on selling the JK side-by-side with the JL if the JL isn't getting price increases.. They can't cut the JK price that significantly, can they?
  11. JL Variants/Limited Editions

    One Jeep has a lot less/no rake in comparison to the other. Also two different wheels. I'm thinking one is a Rubi, and one maybe a Willy's? *different looking front diffs too*
  12. JL in Downtown Chicago

    Yea, maybe it's just me but these highway tires don't really look good at all imho. Also, the plastic looking (I hope they're not actually plastic) side steps don't help much.
  13. JL in Downtown Chicago

    Wasn't the Sport and Sahara tire tread always more aggressive than that? Those tires look like they belong on a Rav 4 or something.. it ruins the whole look of the Jeep
  14. Better (not complete) Look at Taillight Shape

    Just realized the driver's side taillight is lower/hanging off. JL ownership is going to be fun!
  15. Better (not complete) Look at Taillight Shape

    Not really threadworthy but nowhere else to post it. Looks like this guy had the taillights turned on.. or maybe it was a reflection of sunlight through the camo Via Wranglerforum
  16. JL Variants/Limited Editions

    The higher trim Rubicon is probably going to happen considering the leaked picture we saw showed (what seems to be) steel bumpers
  17. JL Variants/Limited Editions

    I'm thinking there will be an upgraded edition package for all 3. (Sahara too, something like a winter edition)