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  1. Oil Change...debacle

    No time here for the jeep wave. Threw on a fumoto valve to make it easy. I’m not using some weird proprietary oil either. I run t6 and if it don’t like it tough
  2. Offroad diesel

    For what it’s worth I’ve ran red since 2003 In all my trucks. Since I’ve brought home the little ecodiesel ruby it’s never had anything but red. No difference now days, just got dye. The fine in my state is 100 per gallon. At times my fuel bill has been 3k a month, so if I ever get caught I’m...
  3. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    Can’t wait till warranty is up to delete this garbage.
  4. 4200 Miles, and zero oil

    I’ve had a Fair amount of diesel trucks over the last 20 years but not real familiar with this eco diesel. I know I just changed my oil at 5600 miles and I’m about 2 quarts down. Little concerning. I’ve never had any diesel I’ve owned ever use oil and some had a pretty rough working life. It had...
  5. 4200 Miles, and zero oil

    Mine is leaking from those two bolts above the oil pan too. 5400 miles and oil hardly touch the stick
  6. '21 Diesel Oil Leak on Engine Driver's Side

    I’ve got a small leak on mine too. It’s above the oil pan so who knows. I know I have 5400 miles and oil barely touches the bottom of the dip stick
  7. Diesel: Legally delete after 25years

    I plan on removing that junk once warranty is out. As complicated as the emissions are on this Jeep I’ll be lucky to make it thru the powertrain warranty
  8. 3.0 diesel problems

    I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s their jeep and no way I’d have it back. Been thru that with a ram truck and not again. I’d clean my stuff out of it and move on.
  9. Is overheating an issue?

    Once a delete comes out and for those who are willing to go that route will see the egr is the biggest heat producer for this engine.
  10. 21 ecodiesel jl aux switches

    Yep, that’s what mine looks like too.
  11. 21 ecodiesel jl aux switches

    off the lot. Had to drive 6 hours to get what I got. I was looking for a used one but found out I had a rebate under my name for being a current fca customer that was expiring. The money I saved I’ll add them later. If I can figure out how
  12. % of Diesels with major problems?

    thrilled With my 21 ruby diesel. Wouldn’t have it any other way. it pulls strong for a jeep. I’ve drove diesel trucks for 20 years and this little 3.0 has impressed me. Already have a shelf full of t6 I’ll throw in when the time comes and change my own fuel filters too. At 100k I’ll delete it.
  13. 21 ecodiesel jl aux switches

    Got a ruby diesel jl and wanted to ad the aux switches. I noticed the video floating around on the installation of this and looks to be easy. My question is the relay and fuse box that shows to be mounted on the drivers side is already there on the ecodiesel. I’m wondering if it’s prewired but...