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  1. Broken Arrow Trail - Sedona. Good for newbies?

    Also, be prepared for an overpopulated trail ride. 95% of the trail is single vehicle wide with 2 way traffic and minimal pull outs. It's a must do trail for the views, not difficult at all but always crowded!
  2. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    That was with 38's but since moved up to 39's but didn't need additional trimming.
  3. Can I fit 5 Rubicon Rims & Tires in the back of my JLU Sahara?

    Thank you!! I used Bikini Blue as the highlight color on the factory Sting Gray.
  4. AAL led and Tazer issue.

    This worked for me without needing the adapter harness. I had factory LED lights swapped out with AAL LED lights and it was throwing errors. Set your Tazer to Halogen bulbs, then reboot. After it comes back up, set the Tazer back to LED bulbs and reboot. Should solve the dash errors.
  5. Dashboard Color Change?

    Also vinyl wrapped mine. Took me three tries to get it right and wrinkle free, but then again I've never wrapped ANYTHING before in vinyl So it was a learning curve. Glad I did it though since it isn't permanent and I may get another design inspiration in the future.
  6. Rusty’s Skidplate?

    Ive been using Rusty's full belly skids for over a year without issues. The only change that I would make would to have counter sunk bolts as opposed to the washer/bolt system they use. Being a skid, those hit first and being aluminum, getting banged up and deformed pretty bad and cant access...
  7. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    I've been using them for close to a year now while doing the Hard Lines and keeping it operational for my daily driver. I just upgraded axles to tons as of this week however I was using OEM D44 axles. I had them built to the max with truss, gusset, RCVs, Dynatrac ball joints, PSC hydro assist...
  8. Running wires from back bumper to Auxiliary switches

    Yes, either side of the frame will work. Both are Hollow with random openings to help feed the wire through. The longest run is from behind the front tire to about the rear door on 4 doors. A metal hanger or fish line will help you feed it through this span.
  9. Apex Autolynx

    Absolutely LOVE mine. It has the reliability of a manual disconnect, the ease of an electric disconnect and the added Off Road stability of an Anti-Rock sway bar. Money well spent in my book.
  10. How about an exhaust show off?

    Corsa Exhaust. Super easy install, great deep note at acceleration, no drone noise at cruise speed, dual side exit pipes and comes in black.
  11. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I have a 3.5" lift on 39" tires. No issues with stability but can't speak for longevity because ive only been using them for a month but these things are built solid.
  12. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I am really impressed with the functionality of these links. The electronic disco was always hit or miss and manual links are a pain in the ass to reconnect at most times. You get out to air down the Jeep anyway, now an additional twist of the knob at each link to disconnect isn't any bit of a...
  13. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I'm running a 3.5" Metalcloak lift with 39" BFG KM3 tires. 2" bumpstop in front and 3" bumpstop in rear with split Rubicon OEM fenders.
  14. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Ooooooo, look what showed up at my door today.....Hint, they are 100% NOT aluminum.
  15. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I'm a Southwest Wheeler so I wouldn't be able to review longevity with any mud related experiences, however rocks and dirt are right up my alley. My rig is my only mode of transportation so its a weekend rock crawling warrior with 80% of its time on the road, to and from work. With that being...
  16. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    LOL, hey, that's my rig!! I just installed these links a few weeks ago. I've removed the Rubicon electric sway bar and replaced with a Sport sway bar. I went with the longer links of the two options that are offered. As you can see, I had to cut an area of the inner fender liners to allow for...
  17. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    *****SOLD***** I have front and rear G2 Hammer D44 diff covers with hardware. Solid protection and have taken many hits. Nothing wrong with them, just cosmetic scratches. Only reason for selling is they were too thick and I couldn't mount my Next Venture Motorsports diff skids to them...