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  1. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Unfortunately that’s not how it works the doors were precisely computer aligned at the factory there’s nothing wrong with the alignment it’s the inner frame assembly that has failed and that’s probably giving you the sagging effect that door has to be replaced that’s the only fix
  2. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    yup regional rep told me the same thing after being promised a new steering box by prior dealer. They would not buy my JL back. I could have taken my chances with sending them a letter and hope to have lemoned it out but I ended up trading for a Ram. FCA was really generous with getting me into...
  3. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Getting rid of my JL was like breaking up with from a really bad relationship with a beautiful girl. my 19 Ram nearing 1500 miles knocking on wood has been beyond trouble free and such peace to drive. But I find myself still coming back to the steering thread as if I am waiting for the ex...
  4. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Incorrect Both the JK and JL steering boxes are Hydraulic. The JK uses a metal steering box while the JL is aluminum to reduce weight. But of course the JK using a manual pulley driven hydraulic pump where as the JL using a electric driven hydraulic pump. And why PSC states you must use...
  5. 2011 jeep wrangler problems

    on the older JK's it was very common for the clip that held the transfer case shifter cable in place to break thus not allowing you to shift your 4WD shifter lever. This is a common problem and easy repair.
  6. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Confusing enough this one does not include the updated redesign steering box this is only the power steering pump conversion kit that’s why it’s so much cheaper
  7. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    If any of you are interested in installing this system call PCS and talk to them. I did and they quoted me a awesome price had I not traded for the Ram 1500 and did the PCS steering system. And remember the pricing with or without the ram makes a huge difference. I cannot remember for sure but I...
  8. Driver's door noise

    The inner door sub frame made out of steel is bonded to the aluminum door skin. There is a escalating problem that is going to snow ball like no tomorrow. The bond is failing and the entire sub frame has come unglued from the frame. While the dealers are attempting to replace the door check to...
  9. Jeep Wrangler achieves record Q3 sales

    Too bad there wasn't a trade in / buy back report. Until they get the steering issues fixed the record sales only mean double the headaches for buyers who will get no where with FCA. Funny thing is Ram sales are way up. Now with the early and some 19 inner steel sub frames coming un bonded...
  10. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Do yll not understand that the entire sub frame inside the door has become detached from the door skin itself ? Thats like saying replacing the spark plug will fix a blown piston. Sorry to burst your hope bubble but the door issue is more serious and so much more complicated than you think...
  11. Potential new JL owner with steering question

    I just traded out of my Sahara into a Ram. And yes I am still following this thread because it simply is astonishing at how FCA is handling the issue. And yes the Ram drives like the best dream you have ever had. So here is some extremely valuable advise. You really need to go rent a JL...
  12. Finally Gave Up

    I had a 2000 Wrangler a 2011 Wrangler 2Dr that we traded for a 12 4dr since we needed more room for our family. The 12 we had early issues with. Cylinder Head and 2 transmissions. But once it got fixed the last time we never had a problem again. It was bad when a 2018 JKU on the lot brand...
  13. Finally Gave Up

    Just curious how many times you are going to edit and change your “come back” ? I think you are a FCA employee.
  14. Finally Gave Up

    Actually the "majority" is kind of an understatement. Go to the Loose Steering Forum. 290 + pages long now. I don't think most of them are too happy. And again the door forum is just starting. And I do like coming here to see about the "other issues" if they are growing or not. I had zero...
  15. Finally Gave Up

    All of y'll talking crap is simply amazing. I too just traded into a 2019 Ram. And its like getting rid of a bad ex girlfriend. I loved my Sahara. Bought tons of add ons and had it just right. But it drove like shit. Looked beautiful, got lots of compliments too. But it was constantly in the...
  16. Click sound when opening driver door

    There is a big thread posted somewhere through here the problem is much more severe than it looks. The sub frame inside the door has come detached from the aluminum skin of the door itself. The only fix as of right now is they have to replace the entire door or doors and repaint
  17. Georgia Molar Front Steel Bumper, Skid Plate, LED Fog Lights, Winch Bar

    I did just carefully package the artec winch plate for shipping. There is another JL Forum member who has asked for it. If he backs out I will let you know.
  18. Georgia Molar Front Steel Bumper, Skid Plate, LED Fog Lights, Winch Bar

    I threw it away in the trash this morning. Sorry