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  1. White JLUR Vancouver area!

    Ok guys and gals, my loss might just be a major win for someone else. Looking for a well specd JLUR but hate to wait for a factory order??? I ordered one but had to back out last minute. It's sitting at Chrysler Coquitlam up for sale. Auto, White, Steel bumpers, premium cloth interior...
  2. Roll Call Canadians

    Just a heads up for anyone looking for a JLU Rubicon and not wanting to wait for factory order. I ordered one but had to back out last minute. It's sitting at Chrysler Coquitlam up for sale. White, Steel bumpers, cloth interior, Premium Sound, Balck Hard top, Black fenders, Cold weather group...
  3. Trunk Liner

    I have made up my mind. Bartac seat covers for rear seat once available. That will keep the kid messes at bay. Husky rubber liner for cargo area once available. Judging by their JK model, should have good price, good coverage and likely option to trim out holes for rings. I considered the...
  4. Trunk Liner

    Will this not fit cloth Rubicon with subwoofer?
  5. Trunk Liner

  6. Mopar Rubber Cargo Liner for cloth seats coming soon....

    Exactly, the one I mentioned is a different version and is specifically meant for cloth seat and includes the gap hinder. Hence the slightly higher price. Let's try to avoid confusion.
  7. Mopar Rubber Cargo Liner for cloth seats coming soon....

    It's already available on the molar website.
  8. Trunk Liner

    I guess you have to ask yourself if you will be using the tie downs. If fur is a major issue and you are likely not going to use them, keeping the whole area covered makes more sense to me.
  9. Trunk Liner

    Yep, with a dog, I would go that route as well. With the mopar liner, I can picture buckets of fur accumulating in the sides where it does not cover.
  10. Trunk Liner

    Agreed. I'm also considering going another route and getting the cheap Amazon trim to fit mat. I contacted Bartact, the will have the rear bench seat cover for the cloth seat JLU available for order in a couple of weeks. It's pricey but I've got a kid in the backseat and I think it will be a...
  11. Trunk Liner

    More details now on the Mopar site. Looks like it does include the gap hinder. Just not sure I want to spend $200 on this.
  12. LED Lighting Group — Material Restriction

    So basically, this confirms that jeep chat is useless and if anything just creates frustration.
  13. LED Lighting Group — Material Restriction

    I ordered on 3/11. White JLUR with LED group. Just got my build sheet and sticker so either dodged the bullet on the LED shortage or it's no longer an issue.
  14. Automatic Sticker and Build Sheet tracking

    Got my Build Sheet this morning and the Sticker just now! Thanks again for setting this up!
  15. Just another thread about delays...

    I ordered on 3/11. Black hard top but with LED group as well. Checked with Jeep chat today, I'm 11 days into Phase D. I asked him if I would be delayed because of the LED lighting shortage and he did not think it would be an issue as according to him, phase D can take up to 30 days. This would...
  16. Hello From JeepCares

    I ordered mine on March 11th. At the time, it was still part of the package but my guess is it will arrive without it.
  17. Hello From JeepCares

    It is no longer part of the cold weather package, got removed from it sometime mid march.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Would be good to have someone with the JL as well as JK to verify if there are any differences in the sill design/angles. I ran into a similar issue with the new Tacoma. I ordered sill guards from a vendor who claimed they were the same from the outgoing model only to find that they did not fit...
  19. Best Floor Mats - WeatherTech FloorLiners

    I'd be interested in the cargo mat for sure. I almost pulled the trigger on the mopar mat but not impressed with lack of side coverage/having to put holes in the back of the seat.