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  1. Tire Suggestions for Canadian Winter Commute?

    I second the GY Duratrac, I have those on my truck which i drive in the Sierras, and the Falken Wildpeak AT3 on my Jeep which are just as good in the snow.
  2. California FS: Rubicon Suspension

    Springs, Shocks, Sway bar end links, and new recall thicker track bar - $200 San Diego Pick up Only
  3. California FS: 5 Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    Selling 5 Rubicon wheels and tires BFG KO2 - tires have about 70% Tread left ( 12k miles on them ) - San Diego area - pick up only $800 OBO
  4. Good A/T tire for wet weather?

    I had the same issues, BFG were not good in wet weather and switched to Falken Wildpeak AT3s on the Jeep. I have Duratracs on my truck and both are great in snow and wet and are both also rated the 3 Peak Snowflake rating.
  5. California 5 Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    Bumpety Bump Bump
  6. California JLU Rubicon Take off Suspension

    Selling 18 JLUR Suspension take off parts : $500 OBO - San Diego Pick up only All 4 springs 4 Rubicon Shocks Front lower control arms Newer front track bar from recall Sway bar links Rear upper control arms
  7. California 5 Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    5 Rubicon wheels and tires for sale - 4 of them have about 10k on them, and the spare is brand new. $1000 OBO - San Diego - pick up only
  8. Method 702 Wheel

    Photo doesnt really do it justice, also 35s.

    I looked at these and do like them, just out of curiosity, why should I consider these? Pros/Cons - thats a big coin to drop on fog lights. Thanks for the reply btw.

    I was out on a trail, driving fairly fast and one of my OEM Fog Lights busted off at the mount. No way to fix. Looking to buy OEM Rubicon Fog Lights - Im in the SoCal area.
  11. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    Cool, Ill be looking into upgrading to these soon. Thanks for the input and replies btw. These responses are one of the reasons why I went with Rock Krawler in the first place. Keep up the support, we all, I'm sure, appreciate it.
  12. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    I didnt before but after I got lost out on some trails, thinking I was going to spend the night, I will be now when I go offroading. In San Diego County its tough to get a CCW, I do have my out of state permits that allows me to carry in 37 states so when i go on road trips i carry.
  13. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    Thanks for the input, I knew it would be a tough question to answer without being there. Looks like I have a date with my torque wrench. I have an 18 JLUR - whats the biggest advantage to the No Limits links, would it be a big upgrade to swap out the original RK links that came with the Max...
  14. Rock Krawler no limits swaybar links?

    @Rock Krawler Suspension I just had my RK Max Travel kit installed at 4WP, supposedly everything is tight and torqued. I went out on some local trails, nothing too crazy, had my e-sway bar disconnected. While going through some ruts and rocks, I heard some clunking sort of noises on driver side...
  15. Falken Wildpeak vs Milestar Patagnoias vs Nittos

    I have 315/70/17 Wildpeak AT3 on a lifted Rubicon with Fox Shocks. I think it rides quite well actually I can feel the difference between the stock BFG C rated and these E rated but I like it. You can feel the road a little better IMO, why I went with Wildpeaks is they're some of the best AT...