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  1. Popular Jeep Tires (size, weights, specs, pics)

    Jeep JL 2-Door with factory wheels and Toyo Open Country R/T 35x12.5 R17. I plan on installing the 2" Mopar lift when it is available, but I don't have any rubbing as it sits. I love that the tires fit in the wheel well - especially with the white! I purchased the reinforcement and relocation...
  2. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    After nearly 4 months, the Jeep is getting prepped at the dealer and I am picking it up tonight!
  3. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    What's the specs?
  4. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    I am looking for advice on tire / wheels for my JL w/ 2" mopar. I wanted to go with an 18" wheel but there seems to be a lot less tire options. I want a good on/off road tire that is light (~70lbs) and quiet. All of the 18" tires seem to have a compromise in one direction or another (too...
  5. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Can someone point me to the link to this mystic site?
  6. UPDATE WITH PICS First Jeep, new tires and wheels tomorrow! Thoughts on this combo?

    I would get a leveling kit and bring that front nose up about 1". This will improve the stance and give it a more aggressive look (a little further departure from the minivan).
  7. 2 door 2" Mopar lift status

    I have been trying to track down an ETA for Mopar releasing the 2" JL lift kit (3.6L p/n 77072396). No help from the dealer, distributor, or the Jeep Cares line. Anyone have inside information? Has anyone tried to install the JLU lift on the 2 door?
  8. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I called today to check on my order and they gave me a hard time for calling two days in a row. I have been very patient with them to date but this rubbed me the wrong way. I explained to her that I have been waiting of 1/4 of a year for a Jeep promised to be delivered in 6-8 weeks, and I call...
  9. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Move to KZ over the weekend. Got a call from the dealer today due to my salesman leaving the company. My "well informed" new sales associate told me I was in D1. I thanked him for the update and suggested he might want to check on that! Ordered 3/2 D status on 3/5 D1 status on 4/20 I...
  10. 2 Door JL Lift options

    Any ideas when the Mopar 2" will be available for the 2-door? I heard from one distributor they were expecting it around end of June. What is different from the 2-door and 4-door lift?
  11. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I had a typo. My order date was 3/2. I fixed my original post.
  12. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Whupps, I meant to say 3/2 as order date. I fixed the original post.
  13. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Just called the 877 number and got some details that have not been shared on the 866 number. They gave me the ship date (6/18), ship method (rail), ship destination (Kent, Wa). None of this information was provided by the folks on the 866 number. On the downside they moved my ship date from...
  14. Lifted 2 door JL Wrangler photos

    That looks sharp. Are those 35x12.5 tires? I like it better with the decals removed!
  15. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Called to check on my Jeep today and I went to "JB" status. I was in "I" for 8 days. I asked the agent about the cruise control recall and she said as it stands now I am not impacted. I want to order the Mopar 2" lift kit, but they still seemed to be backordered, has anyone installed one as...
  16. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Has anyone lifted their 2 Door yet? Looks like the Mopar 2" lift for the 2-door is a few months out.
  17. Status I Details - Inspections/Reprocessing/Repairs

    I called today and learned that I was in "I" status on my JL Rubicon. The case specialist said that it usually takes around 10-15 days to get through "I". She indicated that some post-production installation happens during this stage (some accessories installed). If you have a PST or the rail...
  18. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    My buildsheet showed up on cryptostickers. Looking promising! Specs are a white JL Rubicon with all options except smokers group.
  19. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Called the Jeep Cares number today again to get an update on production. I called them originally about two weeks ago and they said they would be starting production today. On the phone today they said they have all the parts and it is ready for production but couldn't tell me when. I wanted...