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  1. Bottom Hinges “Out of Alignment” on Front Doors

    I’ve been using my Jpegz and have not installed the bolt on the bottom footrest. Only bolt on the top hinges. Have had no problems either with foot pressure or wind pressure at high speeds.
  2. 2020 - JL Wrangler Reviews & First impressions?

    I don't have that lock on my 2020 JLUR 2.0 either.
  3. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Picked up my 2020 2.0 JLUR this weekend. Had my friend along who has the same options but 2019 2.0 JLUR. We could not tell the difference between both the engines as far as pickup or acceleration but there is noticeable difference in how the engine restarts from autostop/start. 2019 is...
  4. Any 2020 JLUR 2.0 reviews yet?

    Anyone take delivery of the new 2020 rubicon 2.0 and can post impressions vs the previous version?