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  1. ARB Single Compressor Install

    I never turn down a brew...yes the bracket could be mirrored and work. The drivers side has an easier option to go through the firewall. However, you will need to extend the battery and the auxiliary wires to work, but it will definitely work.
  2. ARB Single Compressor Install

    Not cost me $100 to get it done (local shop). I drew it up and he made it for me so cost was labor and material. Let me know
  3. Dual Exhaust Sound

    Need a solution for a V6...that’s an expensive upgrade
  4. Dual Exhaust Sound

    What recommendations do you have on the best, deepest sound for aftermarket dual exhaust systems? I am old school with the deep throaty sounds, what are the recommendations? Looking for a full cat back system
  5. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Can’t have a Jeep without a tribute to Sasquatch
  6. What does everybody do for a living?

    ...I have one so just needed to know if I was expected to be offended :)
  7. What does everybody do for a living?

    What makes Moab owners different?
  8. Wisconsin MOAB Wheels and tires

    They are...
  9. ARB Single Compressor Install

    If you want to talk live at some point, let me know and I can be available. some of this is easier to talk about than type instructions
  10. ARB Single Compressor Install

    One more thing Paul, I would have to go back and remember what color I connected, but I have a JL so the auxiliary switches were already wired all I needed to do was to connect the ARB auxiliary wire to the factory wiring for auxiliary switches
  11. ARB Single Compressor Install

    Paul, No issues with air time (extra 45-60 seconds wasn’t worth the extra dollars). Related to routing, I routed directly under the carpet (under the seat) to the side trim (at base of the door) then up to and through the firewall. I put a protective sleeve on the harness and forced it through...
  12. How/Where do you mount the ARB CKMA12 Compressor?

    Look at my post and see if this helps I can share dimensions if interested
  13. MORE ARB Compressor Mount & SKY ONE anyone? Tips for drilling holes in top?

    The floor mat actually protects this as designed. This brackets pushed the compressor as far forward as it can physically go and when the mat is installed it flips up slightly and completely protects the cap...the other thing is, I designed the bracket for the lip to return up but I didn’t make...
  14. MORE ARB Compressor Mount & SKY ONE anyone? Tips for drilling holes in top?

    Yes single and it is protected from rear passengers kicking it. I spent a lot of hours with cardboard cutouts getting it just right. I posted in the main forum yesterday so there is a thread there.
  15. How/Where do you mount the ARB CKMA12 Compressor?

    I just posted a thread on this. I put mine under the passenger seat and fabricated my own bracket to attach it without drilling any holes in the Jeep. I was also able to use the existing factory wire routes so the install is crisp and clean. I have attached some photos. All I need to do now is...
  16. MORE ARB Compressor Mount & SKY ONE anyone? Tips for drilling holes in top?

    Have you thought about an under seat mount? I just did that 2 weeks ago and liked the location for several reasons. Engine compartment was too hot and potential for salt or other road debris. Didn’t want it fully in view inside vehicle. Didn’t want to use up valuable storage in rear compartment...
  17. Wisconsin MOAB Wheels and tires

    Milwaukee area and would like to get $2k for all
  18. CMM (Carolina Metal Masters) Mirror Storage

    Just ordered as well...thanks for posting
  19. 2019 MOAB Build

    Top is off Doors are off Lift kit is on 35” tires and 18” wheels on New Carolina Metal Masters side mirror on... Foot pegs on Loving my Jeep!