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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally finished the snorkel, added some silicon to the piece that attaches to the airbox as the seal is pretty poor, also extended the drain hose so I could reach it without mucking about, have it behind the inner guard/bumper. Also put the 3d printed supports in to make sure the tube cant...
  2. Aussie 2021 Granite Crystal JLUR build

    Finally completed the snorkel, extended the drain out behind the front bumper for easy access, also silicon-ed a few bits as the airbox extension piece didn't seem to seal very well. Also have a towbar now, can finally tow the camper again once I fit the brake controller.
  3. Loose Steering Wrangler JL - Service Bulletin

    Keep pushing for it, I have a 2021 with the steel steering box and it drives like a car and that is with 305/70R17's on it. A huge improvement from my JK and no deadspot or wandering. I also drove a 2021 Gladiator with allterrains that the dealer loaned me for a day ans it was the same, tight...
  4. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    It's been in the RHD ones from day one (All rubicons and Sahara/Overlands), at least it has been here in Australia, so 3 years now and no mumbles of any issues on the Australian groups or forums. i love it in mine, in the heavy rain you can floor it at the lights and away you go, no wheel spin ;)
  5. Who else is patiently waiting

    The black one I originally ordered on November 13th is finally in transit, think it left the US two weeks ago, it was built on the 25th of Feb.
  6. 2021 fix for water dripping into Jeep from top when the door is open?

    So was there any consensus on what this piece is for, is it more of an inner seal to reduce leaks at that corner when the door is shut?
  7. Purpose of ordering the Steel Bumper Group?

    At least here in Australia if you order the steel bumper (you can only get the front) you get the front trail cam as part of the package and the mesh from the JT for the grill to allow this to fit. You so miss out on the front mounted park bench though ;)
  8. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    I have the Toughdog front panhard, massive piece of kit and super solid, been running it for a couple of weeks and brilliant, I have the whiteline rear on the way. I only changed the front lower control arms, left the rest stock so no headlight adjuster issues for me.
  9. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    I hope the Bronco does effect the JL sales, then us poor Jeep buyers outside of the US might be able to get their Jeeps in less than 6-9 months ;) Especially since the Bronco isn't coming here in Aus anyway :)
  10. Gladiator grill on JL install

    2021's with the front camera come with the JT insert already, at least our Aussie ones do so assuming they all do. Ignore the 79 Series Landcruiser next to me.
  11. Aussie 2021 Granite Crystal JLUR build

    Picked up the shock extensions, no time to fit yet though. Did add the rear mount and antenna for the wifi hotspot (using a netgear M2 nighthawk, which will charge off the second battery) and the ARB plate relocation kit ready for the towbar install during the week. The dealer is fitting the...
  12. Dual battery and fridge

    Yes, hot day, empty fridge, more opening and closing all contribute to higher draw and shorter run times. Normal the AH they quote in specs also quote under what conditions.
  13. Dual battery and fridge

    Simple rule with AGM is only draw it down 50% if you want it to last,so 59AH give you around 30AH useable, divide that by 1.1AH and you get hours of safe use, so 27hrs, so yep, no problem overnight :)
  14. Dual battery and fridge

    I have 3 fridges, all compressor fridges, the one in the camper runs off a 120AH lithium battery and with a few hours of sun every few days it will run forever. I am fitting a 48AH lithium in the floor in the back of my JLUR to run me 25lt compressor fridge, it will easily run it overnight...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    305/70r17 so 12" wide
  16. JL resale values are insane!

    Here in Australia if it is on the lot then expect to pay 6 to 10k more than if you order it. Deals can be got on orders but the wait can be 6 months or more, purchase off the lot and pay the price. I ordered my JLUR in November, sold the JK in Jan (for 1k less than what I bought it for 6 years...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Any wider on stock wheels will rub all over the place, although us Aussies get the same size D44's as the US we miss out on the wider track so wider would rub like crazy on the lower control arms at full lock. I think this is the biggest I could fit, US Rubis would probably be fine with 37's
  18. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    My Rugged Ridge low mount, i will run this 99% of the time and have colour coded it, the high mount is not needed for most trips. Took a bit of mucking about to get the A pillar piece fitted on the RHD with the heat gun but the rest is just getting it sealed up properly etc.
  19. What tyres do you plan to run on your JL in Oz

    Updating to show with the lift :)