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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    i originally picked up this.. soft mount antenna i removed the existing antenna fakra connection from the back of the radio and installed the one from the kit into the radio and placed the external antenna on the dash. i didn't use the splitter and gps connection and lost the nav in the...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    installed an external XM antenna and gps since our rack and rtt completely blocks the signal. i'm not a huge XM fan, but it's nice not to have to continually scan for stations.
  3. Best tailgate table?

    Another +1 on the outback adventure, fit and finish are great.
  4. Dual battery and fridge

    I considered a dual battery for a bit then decided it was a bit over complicated for what I need. I went with a 40ah battery in a power box that charges with a west mountain radio epic power gate which works as a lifepo4 charger, a mppt solar controller and a power switch which will run my...
  5. Relocate XM GPS antennas

    so i relocated the xm antenna to on the dash with the above antenna (right side of pic) and the reception still sucks (i have an ikamper skycamp on a gobi rack) and i also lost the gps, so i assume the gps and xm antennas are in one unit above the sound bar. i guess next go around i'll use the...
  6. Changing just one tire !?

    I just rotated in my spare at 10k miles with no issue. A little late, but 10k rotations are really all I feel like doing.
  7. GMRS Radio Install Location Questions

    I mounted mine under the passenger seat. Put a 4"x4" piece of plywood under the carpet and screwed the bracket thru the carpet to that. Also a rj45 extension cable will get decent slack on your mic line to run it to the cooltech mount from between the center console and passenger seat. Under the...
  8. Does anyone know what winches would fit to this plate?

    i have a smittybilt x20 on the warn plate, worked fine. go thru some of the winch install threads tho, i think with the warn plate you need to set a couple of rivnuts into the frame (but only on certain JL models) the maximus 3 filler plates do a great job cleaning it up.
  9. Steering Stabilizer question

    i'm 97% sure there's a tennis ball under that jeep
  10. Anyone know the trail to get here?

    I agree that it's big bend. This must either be a promo photo or someone paid a decent amount of cash to get it.
  11. Cargo Drawer Build

    Very cool, looks great !
  12. Tailgate Brawlee LED light

    the back of the 12v port has a clip where you can remove the wiring harness to it. the grey and white ends connect to those. so youre basically splicing inline this connector to the back of the 12v port and the harness that goes into it. so the first end i mentioned has 2 connectors, a male and...
  13. Tailgate Brawlee LED light

    I used the 4 wire dimmer I posted in an above post.
  14. Tailgate Brawlee LED light one end harnesses the 12v lighter plug, the other end (with the fuse) is the power to the light bar
  15. Tailgate Brawlee LED light

    i was able to just push the connector thru, maybe a little jiggling, but it wasn't a hassle. i used one of these taps from amazon when i did mine. plug and play, didn't need to cut or splice into and OE wires.
  16. Relocate XM GPS antennas

    i'm looking at relocating my xm antenna. rather than pull the old one and wire off of the sound bar i was just going to use this.. ... and plug it into the back of the head unit and put the antenna on the dash. does the GPS unit also have to be relocated or can i just not use that part, will i...
  17. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    maiden voyage for the ikamper in GWNF this weekend Kodiak nested himself in
  18. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Peters Mill Run first badge on the way !!
  19. Which Hood Lock?

    I have a mopar lock in a box in my garage because I installed my winch first which pretty much locks in the grill panel and I'm having a hard time getting the motivation to mess with it.
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    little bit of touch up and clear coat, so they're pretty much done. my wife wasn't amused when i told her the scared face was for when she was driving. guy at agway said he'd have no problem filling up the tank, so i guess it depends on where ya fill up.