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  1. Soft top 82215146 vs 82215146AB

    I defer to people smarter than me to confirm or tell me further difference. But that’s all I could figure out.:)
  2. Soft top 82215146 vs 82215146AB

    That doesn’t have to do with the model of soft top thought. I bought the soft top after the fact. From what I could find there was no difference between the original part and the AB. I’m sure there was, but it’s definitely not the tinted windows.
  3. Soft top 82215146 vs 82215146AB

    I thought premium was tinted windows? I have non AB version and it definitely has tinted windows. Maybe I’m just dumb and don’t understand what you mean.
  4. Tennessee WTB 4 door Black Softtop JLU

    Have a new 4 door Rubicon and looking to buy a soft top. Only looking for black and new/lightly used. Will travel a reasonable distance for pickup.
  5. Tennessee JLU Premium Soft Top

    Good looking out ... unfortunately it was sold already by the time I saw this.