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  1. Headlight and grille surrounds removable?

    I mean the surrounds like the silver on Sahara with black like on rubicon
  2. Headlight and grille surrounds removable?

    do the head light and grille surrounds look removable. Could I do black like the rubicon on the Sahara
  3. LED package for sport

    Are dealers able to manually add the led package to the sport even though it’s not on the configuration?
  4. BSG 3.6 and ESS

    Is the BSG still providing tourqe when ess is off? Are expecting tourqe to improve on the 3.6 when it gets BSG?
  5. Gear Ratio Chart for JL Wrangler?

    Do we have enough info to create gearing charts for at least the pentastar in the JL like they have for the JK?
  6. More 2018 Wrangler JL Colors Coming - Nacho, Mojito!, Punk'n, Ocean Blue, Sting-Gray (with renders)

    Good job on this can you do the same for the overhead shot I want to see that hood with the colors
  7. Price Paid

    Now that you can order a JLU I figured a price paid would be a good thread to help those looking to buy as well. Please post full specs plus out the door price. Please try to indicate wether or not local tax is included so we can get an idea of cost with our own local tax rates. Thanks!
  8. JL gearing and tire size

    How about the components like ball joints and such. I plan on buying a jlu and putting on 35's but I don't want to have to replace things to prevent premature wear.
  9. JL gearing and tire size

    Do you think the gearing available in the jk will carry over to the jl or will the jl offer different gearing like 4.56. Also what are the chances that the jl will be able to push 35's without the issues like premature wear the jk has?