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  1. Whats coming in 2022?

    If they take out the back seat and get creative, they could shoe-horn that battery into a 2 door..
  2. Whats coming in 2022?

    I almost got into a 4xE, but I'm waiting for a 2 door electric. 22? I dunno.
  3. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    I suggest you join a club. I'm prior service and have been driving 4x4s my entire adult life, but I learned a ton by wheeling with a club. Guys have been wheeling trails since the old CJs, and alot of the trails we're on today were broken in by those old jeeps.
  4. Guide me here... I'm a life-long manual transmission driver & I am considering making the change to automatic only because I want the diesel! Crazy?

    I thought transmission was just a personal preference, but automatics wheel alot better than manuals. I haven't seen too many manuals since the TJ, and guys would rig up a bicycle finger brake to the throttle on the shift stick so they could use their feet for clutch and brakes.
  5. Proximity locks & impatient wife

    Wrap the passenger door handle in eletrical tape.
  6. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    I say don't do it. You're already planning on making the JL what your JT already is, which I think this is a bit of a chase. Stick with the JT. You have a nice build that looks very carefully done, no one will enjoy it as much as you do.
  7. 102" whip on a JL or JLU?

    Anyone running a 102" whip? I'm curious to know where/how it's mounted and how it is at highway speed.
  8. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    I'm curious what the SWR is. I bet it's higher than you think it is. I'd run that 400 on low power until I got tested on the meter.
  9. Security Related Accessories / Theft Prevention

    Good list. My buddy has a boot, as in a wheel lock. Sometimes he uses it on his trailer, sometimes he uses it on his jeep. Nothing's going nowhere with a boot on a shoe, that's for sure.
  10. Rausch Creek 4/9-4/10

    Rausch is great. There's an ATV park in the next valley north, also named Rausch Creek (no relation I understand).
  11. Ordering JLUR 2.0 Turbo Engine soon, and have a few questions please:)

    I suggest adding the trail cam, the hd elec/trailer tow, and cold weather.
  12. Off road plus????

    I thought only selec-trac has the 4H Auto?
  13. DRL with LED headlights, ring only?

    The rubi's with LED headlights and the uconnect 8.4, are they able to turn off the LED ring?
  14. mopar step sliders

    Hi, I'm considering the Mopar step sliders/performance rails on a JLU. How are they as sliders? The pricetag seems steep for sliders. My main concerns are; 1. How it functions as a slider. 2. How well it keeps tire-tail off the sides/out of the cab. Thanks!
  15. How big a tire can you stuff under a stock rig? and some other q's

    I don't have enough experience with JLs yet to know this yet, so can someone tell me how big of a tire can you tuck under a stock suspension? Willys? Rubi? Any diference with the 4doors? How big of a tire can you go to with a spacer lift? How big of a tire can you go with the mopar oem lift?
  16. Nosey neighbor..

    Price is always a fair question.
  17. DRL with LED headlights, ring only?

    I have a '21 Willys JL with the LED headlights/foglights. Nice lights, but I notice that the fender DRLs don't light, and I don't see anything in my small unconnect settings (not the big nice one with nav) about the headlight rings or the fender DRLs. I kinda like the fender DRLs and the...
  18. Just saw my first Jeep 4xe

    I'll get an electric jeep when they have hub motors.
  19. Who’s ‘Upgrading’ to a Subaru?

    Here in Colorado, Subarus are good for speeding/tailgating in the right lane, which is kind of ironic when you think about the stereotypical Subie owner.
  20. Uconnect® abolute POS!! Stay away from it...

    That sucks. In my opinion, stop trying to fix it. Start keeping a diary of problems. When it locks up, just let it stay locked up til you bring it in. Let the dealer see the problems in their entirety and they'll find the problem. It might take a couple of instances of the unit being...