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  1. Audio cutting in and out

    I only have audio on the passenger side of my JLU. There is no audio on the left side, no matter the source. It has cut out in the past but never permanently. Not sure where to even look. I already checked fuses (even though I firmly believe that fuse issues wouldn't cause this type of issue).
  2. What are the best "doors off" mirrors you can buy?

    Where did they break?
  3. Buyers remorse?

    THIS. Every time I see a JLUS, it's like a thumb in the eye. Should've acted on my first instinct.
  4. Spark Plugs

    I owned my 2011 STI seven years (only 45K miles when I traded it), and I'm VERY glad I didn't get to the point where I needed to change the plugs. I know where they are located and wasn't looking forward to messing with them. If you pay someone to do it, it ain't going to be cheap...
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Actually installed these this past Monday. Wheels/tires next, hopefully.
  6. 2.0L Engine Coolant Overheating, 2k miles

    It's been a month, OP. Did your issues get sorted?
  7. JL obd scanner

    I bought a small scanner maybe 6 months ago from Group-On, primarily to use on the family's cars when codes are thrown. I've used it on older cars without issues (My TJ and '98 Accord). When I got a CEL a few days after buying my JLU and wanted to see the code to research a potential issue, I...
  8. How is the Horn?

    I had Supertones on my STI and they'll make your ears bleed. Was thinking on doing the same to my Wrangler. Nice to see someone thought along the same lines.:) Not that the OEM horn is bad...its better than what comes on most vehicles nowadays. IMO, the OEM horn is not weak.
  9. A little rant about Jeep reviews

    I'm tempted to buy a decibel meter and visit a dealer or two, pretending I'm looking for a new Wrangler to measure the NVH of a soft top. I test drove a soft top the same day I bought my hard top. The soft top was definitely more quiet than my soft top TJ but wasn't as loud as I expected when...
  10. What are the best "doors off" mirrors you can buy?

    I bought these (Rugged Ridge Trail Rectangular Mirrors at a few weeks ago but it's been cold ever since, so I may not even try them out until spring.
  11. Is the 2-door getting shorted on models and options?

    If they're making money on a certain model, they focus on that model...makers are in the business of making money. They're going to definitely focus more on what's selling best. If you want those options the 2-door doesn't have, buy a 4-door. There's really no way to compel the maker to give...
  12. New Magnaflow Axlebacks for the 2.0!

    The engine that's in the VW Golf R sounds unique for an I4...doesn't sound bad at all (actually sounds similar to an I5). I'm partial to F4s myself.
  13. Brand new Rubicon broke down within 1 hour after delivery

    OP, once you get your vehicle back, look under the climate controls, under the center should see your hazard lights (you asked about that in your initial post). In fact, I suggest spending time with the manual, as it will help you become familiar with your Wrangler. I had a similar...
  14. Less than 200 miles after purchase, I have a CEL.

    Yes, they fixed it. They had no problem finding the issue, either. It turned out to be a bad coolant pump that they replaced.
  15. 2019 Order Help - Wait for 3.6l BSG? Worth it?

    Doesn't Jeep take all of their Wranglers to Moab and other harsh trails for pre-production testing? In fact, don't they take their pre-prod models all over the world to test them in different environments? I thought I saw a few reviews of the 2.0L engine at Moab. No battery bashing was...
  16. 2.0 stock JLUR 35 mile trip to work at 27.6 mpg

    You can answer your own questions by manually checking. It's stupid-simple to check. If you need help, there's this. I trust that over some black box telling me what it thinks I want to hear. I haven't done it with this vehicle but I've done it with various other vehicles over the past 15...
  17. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I drove both as well. I agree that the 2.0L pulls well, but regarding "peppy", my opinion was the opposite. IMO, the 2.0L felt just as peppy as the 6...not faster nor slower. 0-60 is not really a good measurement of power. Roll-on (30 to 50 MPH) is a better test of available torque, but I've...
  18. 2.0 stock JLUR 35 mile trip to work at 27.6 mpg

    You guys are relying upon the trip computer figures and those things are notoriously wrong and highly optimistic. I'm sure if you do the math on your own, you're going to see much lower (and realistic) figures.
  19. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    You're acting like most of us have no prior experience with turbocharged cars and that we should be seeing something (lag) we're not. I don't know what to tell you other than, no lag perceived here. My last vehicle was a turbocharged vehicle that definitely had turbo lag, but the car was...
  20. When your spouse is awesome

    I'm DEFINITELY showing this ^^^ to my wife when I get home tonight!