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  1. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    Hmm, if that's the case, that may be too bad :( Don't get me wrong, I love the larger screen.. but that would've been a very nice bonus feature. Getting the cell service working on the unit is almost certainly not worth the effort at that point though.
  2. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    After I hooked up the 8.4" I did a full reboot via the TazerJL I have. It seems to be staying pretty firm that the version it's at is the latest; and indeed the file name above (21.10) is what it says it is running. What I'm curious is if that is the case, then where's the additional Off-Road...
  3. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    Alright, so I tried to update my unit - and it says it's already at the latest version (21.10). To anyone who's upgraded before.. is there a newer version? What's the update that introduced Off-Road Pages and fixed the backup camera glitches?
  4. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    Thanks @exilepa! After enough digging on I did finally find a Sahara that needed the update. Not sure if this link will work for others, but here' s a shot...
  5. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    I've thought about that.. not sure if the updates are attached to a specific VIN or if they are generic or not. If you wanna PM me your VIN I'll give it a shot though ;) Edit: I did go through a few dealer's sites, trying VINs from their inventory - seems like everything on the lot is already...
  6. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    I have a 2019 Sport S that originally came with the 7" UConnect and the upgraded stereo. I purchased and installed the 8.4" UConnect for the bigger screen and a few additional features. However, it doesn't have Off-Road Pages and has a few glitches with the backup cam. From what I'm reading...
  7. Did Infotainment 7.0 to 8.4 Upgrade, worth it!

    What aspects really make it worth it, other than the additional screen real-estate? Is the interface more snappy/responsive, or is it about the same? I'm tempted to do the same, but I haven't quite convinced myself to do it. I hardly use Android Auto/Car Play.
  8. New High Power LED Headlights

    I second this. Putting an adapter ring just feels like a [often not so] cheap work-around. I'm holding out until there's something specific to the JL made, or we have a simple way to retrofit the OEM LED lights into something like a Sport S.
  9. Where is the Mopar LED Light Kit!!?

    I'm in the same boat as you. I've been seeing that eBay link posted all over the place but I'm not going to buy something at that price point that isn't just going to work, or at least having seen skmekso else do a write-up first :)
  10. Best Aftermarket Headlights for JL

    But this isn't all plug and play, is it? Doesn't it still require some coding from the dealership?
  11. Still no off-road pages!

    Are they available for Sport S models, or is this just a Sahara/Rubicon thing?
  12. KZS status a mystery?

    That's funny they give you all that detail. I've spoken with my guy at the dealer a few times and all I'm getting is "our screen says that it is in transit, but doesn't say when and where". KZ status as of 1/24.
  13. Possible to retrofit LED turn signal housing into Sport S?

    Hopefully not reviving too old a thread, but I'd rather continue this one than start another one. Has this been revisited by anyone lately? I have a Sport S on the way, and the one thing I am bummed about is not having the LED lighting package available to me. I'm a bit less interested in the...
  14. Plant status?

    And mine went into KZ today! The end of the wait is in sight I hope!
  15. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Build is in KZ status as of today according to Jeep Chat. No window sticker yet though!
  16. Cellphone Holder for JLU Rubicon

    Since no one has said it yet... Big thumbs up for the Han Solo dice! :)
  17. Any deliveries of factory Katzkin CBS or CBQ leather seats yet?

    Hopefully not reviving too old a thread here.. I ordered on 1/1 (dealer didn't put it in until 1/4, but whatever) a Sport S with the CBS Leather option. (I wanted leather, but didn't want to go up to a Sahara to get it, so whatever.) Has anyone else gotten a delivery of one of any type of...
  18. JB status

    Got JB status today according to the Jeep Chat. I think I signed myself up for a hurtin' in this area, I'm loaded up with options. Some that folks on this thread have mentioned... CWA Floor Mats CBS Stitched Leather WBG Granite Crystal Wheels What other types of things fall into the "JB"...
  19. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    That's fast indeed! My order was submitted by the dealer on 1/4 (5 days after I left my deposit), and I just got the build sheet on the tracker today. Patiently waiting for the window sticker!