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  1. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Okay... I have the tailgate proximity working. I have the proximity handles installed on the driver and passenger side and just got the harnesses 68299332AF and 68299333AF finally in my possession but dont have the pins in the body connectors where the door plugs in. Would it be possible to get...
  2. West Virginia Silver Dash Panels - $125 plus shipping

    2018 Silver dash panels pulled from my Jeep Wrangler JLU Sport S and changed to the red panels. Price is $125 plus shipping as this is an oversized box. Parts 6AB19SD5AA & 6AB27SD5AD Excellent condition. Shipping only to the US.
  3. West Virginia uConnect 7" Radio $450 Shipped

    Due to upgrade to the 8.4 radio, I am selling the 7" radio from my Jeep Wrangler JLUS. The radio comes with the bezel, screen protector and unlock code. Will be bubble wrapped and shipped to you safely and insured. Selling for $450 shipped to you.
  4. Jeep Wrangler Islander and 80th Anniversary Editions on Build & Price

    I like the idea of the white dash panels on the islander. I have my dash panels plasti-dipped but would have liked the option for color matched from Mopar so I can see people wanting to buy those separate.
  5. Idaho Not mine 8.4 uconnect for sale

    Yeah, I got had because I hadnt done my due diligence to realize he was a scammer. Now every time this shows up on Facebook JL pages I report it immediately so no one else gets taken by this waste.
  6. Uconnect update for 8.4 TSB 08-001-19

    Hey guys.. I have the download for the 8.4 UAQ radio. This is the file name that I was able to download from UCONNECT... UCONNECT_8.4_IR21.10_MY18JL_VP4R_USA SERVICE BULLETIN ID: 08-001-19 RELEASE DATE: 2019-05-15 I am not sure how to go about sharing this since it is 9.95GB but I will gladly...
  7. West Virginia UConnect 5” Factory Radio and HVAC Stack

    Factory radio from 2018 JLU Sport S. Radio has hookups for camera, antenna and Sirius XM. Also included is the factory radio bezel and the HVAC center stack for the 5” radios. $150 for all items. Will include unlock code as well.
  8. Uconnect 8.4" upgrade Customer Service saga...

    ndross... let us know what the dealer found today. I am curious if it may have actually been the USB connector in the back of the radio or down on the center stack.
  9. Uconnect 8.4" upgrade Customer Service saga...

    ndross.... what version is your radio saying your currently on?
  10. Uconnect 8.4" upgrade Customer Service saga...

    I am following this just because the whole "it only works with Kingston drives" sounds like a load of crap! Good luck with this and keep us updated!
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I just spruced up the interior a little with some white dash panels.
  12. 8.4" Uconnect Radio Non-Nav

    Can you post both labels that are on the radio exilepa?
  13. Part Number Lookup

    Did you pay for this on paypal via a credit card or just through your bank? If you used your credit card then you can dispute the charges directly with them and bypass Paypal and the forum member! Not sure if thought about going that route. However, if you do, you cant sell the part as your...
  14. FCA vehicle models that radios work in the JL

    Thanks for the teardown and checking that board to see if it is possible. So much for an easier solution! Guess back to trying to source the correct radio with the correct connectors on it. It would be so nice if there werent so many different options for all the different models of FCA vehicles.
  15. FCA vehicle models that radios work in the JL

    I wonder what all is required to solder a connector on the board for the camera to work.
  16. FCA vehicle models that radios work in the JL

    Does anyone know why the Harman branded radios won’t work? They seem to have all the connectors that this radio has that’s made by Delphi?
  17. FCA vehicle models that radios work in the JL

    I have the USB gray plug. I have the white plug which i assume is the AM/FM antenna. I have a mustard colored connector on the radio that connects to a cable with a blue tip and then a red colored connector on the radio with a cable with a red tip. Does anyone know what these are? I assume one...