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  1. Rubicon before and after tire swap?

    Hello Guys, I am still trying to decide if we are going to peel the original tires off and put on 35's. I think there is a thread with before and after pics. Have the upgraded wheels and really like them, Could someone direct me? Or post some? Thanks, Mike
  2. Best Set Up for Pets

    Thank You, you would be surprised how many people will try to approach without knowing us. Both very protective but totally different personality and demeanor.
  3. Best Set Up for Pets

    In fact they do, Big Ace like me prefers Gospel Music, All three girls want dance music in the car!
  4. Best Set Up for Pets

    I agree. “ if you really love your guys....get them a Jeep!
  5. Best Set Up for Pets

    Cmon Covet you know it’s a mistake to encourage a proud Dad to show off his kids! This is my wife with our guys yesterday, had just got it home. Here goes....
  6. Best Set Up for Pets

    Thank You, it's a long story but she's a very easy pet, and we do love her!
  7. Best Set Up for Pets

    No need to apologize, I really do appreciate your comments! We are on the same team for sure.
  8. Where do you store your pistol / gun?

    Best place for the pistol is on the body. Maybe a mount for shotgun in the back. Here in NYS if somebody steals your pistol, you are in way more trouble than they would be.
  9. Best Set Up for Pets

    Point well taken brother! It really was irresponsible of me to let them ride that way, started making them ride in their crates a couple years ago. Black Canary also, she has a soft carrier. Thanks again
  10. Best Set Up for Pets

    Even better, here is a direct link to her own Facebook page LOL @JeepX3
  11. Where to buy new tires at the cheapest price?

    I have used for years they are great.
  12. What happens when you don’t use TPMS sensors?

    Spring for the sensors. IMHO it is not just a convenience issue but a safety issue as well. You and your family/friends are worth it!
  13. Rubicon JLUR Rubicon Wheels & Tires Takeoffs @ 46 Miles

    How about an after pic with the new set up?? Honestly it looks great stock.
  14. Best Set Up for Pets

    Thank you for your comments and the pics. We will have it on Friday, Tracey is getting really excited!
  15. Best Set Up for Pets

    Thanks Granni44, sounds like my guys will be perfectly fine back there.
  16. Best Set Up for Pets

    Thanks a lot, gonna look later. My boy is very well behaved, my girl, well.....spastic would be a kind way to put it! Thanks again
  17. Best Set Up for Pets

    She’s a doll, I will post a video clip if I can figure it out. Your little girl will love it!
  18. Best Set Up for Pets

    Thank you RussJeep 1, thanks JeepX3. Still have some studying to do. Here is BC driving with me!
  19. Best Set Up for Pets

    Hello guys, First off thank you for all the helpful info and advice! You guys are a tremendous resource! My Wife has wanted a Wrangler for a while now and we are very close to purchasing a new Rubicon. We want to be prepared for our dogs and chicken though. We have 2 German Shepherds, 90 lb...