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  1. Lease or Buy 2020 JLR Ecodiesel

    It will lease like a regular Rubicon, banks/residuals don't adjust for motor or colors If you plan on keeping the Jeep for the long-term buy it..if you want flexibility, lease
  2. China vs name brand led bars etc

    I had 2 sets of China LED headlights on my JK. The first pair constantly had condensation [after disassembling/resealing twice] and the next pair halo kept having dots burn out. I had a bunch of no-name China light bars and spots but the wire thickness, quality, paint finish and mounting...
  3. Post a screenshot of your average MPG here!

    13.4 on my JLUR 6mt with below mods
  4. September Money Factor?

    CCAP money factor is .00192 for 39 months [tier 1] USBank .00175 Ally rate 8.89

    I paid $268/each from Discount Tire back in October with a manufactured date of 8/18 They're pretty good tires in most aspects, awful on ice though
  6. Oh, No! Dealer said Mojito color is locked out!

    Mojito is currently unavailable only with body colored top or skytouch
  7. Red Dash Trim Damaged

    Pretty common complaint with Rubicons. I know a guy who has been fighting tooth and nail to have it replaced under warranty but keeps getting push-back from FCA, not the dealer.
  8. Negotiating for rims/tires

    The dealer most likely isn't going to just "have" Rubicon wheels and tires laying around to swap over for you -- and if they have a Rubicon for sale on the lot, they surely won't take the original equipment items off and replace with lesser versions. You're better off finding take-offs or...
  9. MPG surprise!

    I get around 13 city, 15 highway :fingerscrossed:
  10. How much is your Jeep worth?!

    $51500 + $8000 = $59500 "Bargain" compared to yours!
  11. JL Rubicon, 2 door, Freedom roof removal

    Yes it's doable with two people. Open the rear glass, open the swing gate, and one of you stand on each side and just lift straight up then back
  12. Leather or Not??????

    I had cloth on both my JKs and leather on this JL and really don't care one way or another. Cloth is definitely comfier in winter and summer but leather is much easier to clean
  13. Going topless and not have anything stolen

    I lock the glovebox/console but leave my toolbox and accessories in the trunk. In years of owning Jeeps I've never had anything stolen, just shuffled around a few times then left alone.
  14. Can't Decide, UGH! Help Please

    I've had 2 JKs [one hard top for winter/besttop slant top for summer, one premium soft top] and my JL is a hard top. I wish I got the SkyTop for this really does mesh both tops together very nicely. Take today for example - it's gong to be about 65 degrees, but tomorrow will be back down...
  15. Has anyone seen an Bank Auto Loan under 3% lately?

    Fed rate has been going up .25% every quarter since 2017, that increases bank lending rates. It stayed almost the same from 2008-2015. It's stupid to compare rates for a previous auto loan
  16. auxiliary reverse/back up light

    Easy mode: Mount light on back bumper Tap positive into white/orange wire [if you have trailer tow group] Use self-tapping screw for negative
  17. Locking manual seat position?

    Even if you figured out how to make the seat not move on the track, what would you do with the seat height and back adjustment? I think you have a $1million idea to make a sort of steering wheel club lock for seat controls!
  18. Locking manual seat position?

    I understand it's your vehicle, but what if the valet is a 5' woman? Or the dealership guy is 6'6"? Man, some of you people complain about every little thing....
  19. ∞ Special Delivery! | What do YOU have coming in the mail for your Rig?! ∞

    The lights mount onto GoPro surface mount..was going to put them on the [upper] corners of the rear bumper.
  20. ∞ Special Delivery! | What do YOU have coming in the mail for your Rig?! ∞

    My Rigid Ignite reverse lights just came, now waiting for the GoPro mounts to arrive and on they go!