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  1. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I know a few of you were waiting. My Jeep was in the body shop for 5 flipping weeks!!! Anyways, I did a test fit this week. I will replace the fogs with Baja Design Squadron Pro's which I verified will fit. I'm being a little indecisive about a winch. Garage photos for now. More photos when...
  2. Metalcloak 2.5” game hanger or Teraflex 2. 5”

    As someone who owns a set of custom tuned King 2.5 shocks on my other crawler, I can tell you they make all the difference in the world for those specific applications. Don't need to boogie to see the benefits. The Rocksports are pretty similar to stock. Except valved a little differently...
  3. Metalcloak 2.5” game hanger or Teraflex 2. 5”

    So, if I recall correctly, that cross member doesn't seem to actually be holding anything up. You could in theory remove it. I know that a lot of the skid plate systems do away with it completely. I think the other issue is just the design of that driveshaft. The OE shaft is a CV joint design...
  4. Metalcloak 2.5” game hanger or Teraflex 2. 5”

    Just inspect it. It didn't happen to me till I went out on one road where there was a spot I flexed a bit on. But two weeks around town, no issues. I think around town you'd actually be fine. You can also do the lift and then flex it in the driveway to test and set bump stops accordingly. Very...
  5. Metalcloak 2.5” game hanger or Teraflex 2. 5”

    I needed too. I thought I could get away with not replacing it. NOPE. I thought, "Well I'm not really flexing out at max" - didnt' matter. Maybe if I just drove around town. But the simple forest roads around here and some rocks was all it took to damage the boots on the factory driveshaft. I...
  6. Ace Stubby Pic Request

    It does for the bumpers. They seem to have stock for some things, or they do batches or something, I dunno. I have their ACE Night Runner Rock Rails, love them. But they shipped literally two days after I ordered. No way they fabbed & powdered that fast. Excellent quality. I think I...
  7. Ace Stubby Pic Request

    I will after labor day. My Jeep is in the shop getting repaired after an accident. :( So the bumper is just sitting in my garage. Been waiting 3 weeks so far. :(
  8. Metalcloak’s front diff skid sneak peek

    While a giant ski looks like a good idea, I'd bet $20 bucks that thing smacks rocks at a faster pace than the MC design.
  9. DIY Metalcloak 3.5" Game Changer Lift Install and Review

    Personally, I just view the PDF on my laptop or phone. Don't see the problem there. So I installed my lift myself, then later got their front disconnect skid and stabilizer relocation kit, and then last weekend, helped my friend install a MC Game Changer on his JK. And here's what I noticed...
  10. PixelDecals - 5 week wait time plus creased decals

    It's been over four weeks for me and I still haven't received my product or any updates from @pixeldecals. Personally, I find this unacceptable. Two weeks, ok. But Four weeks, four days, totally unacceptable. It's likely this is a side business posing as a larger business. Printing in batches...
  11. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs These guys don't average what we average when running larger tires. The V6 does worse. Plain and simple.
  12. Metal cloak maintenance?

    Shops tend to sell you what they can get kickbacks on and will tell people all kinds of bullshit. See it all the time.
  13. Falken Wildpeak vs Milestar Patagnoias vs Nittos

    That's why their 38 is closer to a 37. Ok then. Their sidewalls sure do slice open easily.
  14. Buy a 19 JLR V6 or wait for the '20 Turbo?

    New owners tend to be more vocal. Not only that, but just look at unit sales numbers vs the 5 or so people who got on here to report a problem.
  15. Buy a 19 JLR V6 or wait for the '20 Turbo?

    Just gonna leave this here. If you're DD 25 miles each day, this is what I average on 37's. I'm pretty damn happy about the BSG too.
  16. What do you guys think of these 9” Kiwi Master LED headlights

    Still on sale, says 11 in stock:
  17. 9in true led aftermarket halo style headlights

    I'm using the add a fuse method at the moment. I intend to wire them directly to the DRL's when I do American Adventure Lab's high line fender brackets with LED's. So I wanted a temporary method for now before I go tieing them in permanently.
  18. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    I've built my own 400ah Lithium setup for my Airstream, and have a fairly good idea of the component cost in the @Genesis Offroad system. That being said, the @Genesis Offroad dual battery system is fairly, and I mean FAIRLY priced. It's actually a good value IMO. You're getting a quality...
  19. Pixel Decals

    How long on average did most of you wait to get yours? I know they say two weeks on their website... but I'm wondering if it's longer.