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  1. New Tires: Open Country A/T III 285/75/17

    Hi are able to post some more pictures that are closer, different angles. You are the only one I can find with this tire/size! I also have a 2 door rubi.
  2. Did i buy a unicorn? 2 door Rubicon

    This is my favorite red 2 door. Is this lifted? Looks slightly higher than stock.
  3. Rear differential crap out

    What were your particular symptoms?
  4. Rear differential crap out

    What symptoms were you having?
  5. 2 Door Rubicon tire pressure, Whats your sweet spot?

    Thanks, I keep coming back to 32 but the transmission seems to like 34.
  6. 2 Door Rubicon tire pressure, Whats your sweet spot?

    Hi, was wanting to get an updated thread on this topic now that there are more of these out in the wild. I find the 2 door to be really sensitive with the PSI in relation to overall comfort and performance. What have y'all settled on? What did you notice on highway speeds?
  7. Need help - E-brake jacked up?

    Curious, what was the fix for this?
  8. I lifted my JL with RE 2.5” and feels like ebrake is on

    How did you fix this? What was the issue?
  9. Florida FS: 2 Door Soft Top

    Still for sale?
  10. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    That looks great! any chance you could post a side view with your setup? Are they tucked?
  11. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    What size are those tires? Looks good
  12. Daily driving 37’s

    Seriously, walk out to the Jeep, pop your hood, remove fuse box cover, and make sure they’re all seated. (5min) Check how tight the clamps are on your battery terminals too!
  13. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Does your a/c or cooling fan sound like a plane ready for take off? Do you have any abnormal hiccups in the engine when coming to stop? If so, then you qualify for a TSB (not sure which one but could be easily found here). The fix on the TSB is simply to flash the PCM. In my case, they also on...
  14. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    I recently acquired our JLR 2 door and have two young kids. Most people would say I should have bought a 4 door, I had regret for about 24hrs. But my heart is with the 2 door. I was shocked at how easy my kids hop right into the back, most of the time without even folding the passenger seat...
  15. Anyone regret getting 20 inch wheels?

    are these 37x12.50?
  16. Anyone running the 2 1/2” EVO lift with King Shocks and 37” tires

    .....crickets Would love to hear some after thoughts on this setup.