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  1. California Gladiator wheels & 33" Falken Wildpeak MT

    I'm selling 5 Falken Wildpeak MTs w/ Gladiator Granite Rubi wheels. I bought an extra rim in order to do a 5 tire rotation. Which I rotated at 4k. I currently have 6.8k miles on them. They're in great condition and only available for local pickup in Santa Rosa, CA. I am asking $700 without the...
  2. Are the TPMS worth more than the stock all seasons?

    From what I saw for non-knock off OEM it was like $30-$60per. Even quadratechs version was almost $40. I guess I need to put a lil more work into finding a better deal!
  3. Are the TPMS worth more than the stock all seasons?

    I'm going larger with my tires. I'm also going to go with after market wheels to go with them. So my question is the TPMS worth more then the stock rims & Dueller All Seasons with 3k miles??? I am curious on what everyone has to say on this. Thanks!
  4. Rubicon Tires - BFG KO2 vs Falken Wildpeak?

    My wife's JL has Rubi take off K02s and they're great. My JTR has the Wildpeak MTs and they're louder & heavier, but way better off road, look better, and slightly taller. So basically it's the AT vs MT debate. The only gripe I've heard about the K02s is that the tread pattern picks up more...
  5. California BF Goody 33" K02 Wheels for sale

    Yes they're available. Just need to change them out for my 37s. PM me and we can talk more details. Here are a few pictures of them on the Gladiator:
  6. California BF Goody 33" K02 Wheels for sale

    Hey sorry forgot about the listing of these. I've been busy on my Gladiator. My wife wanted them back on her JLU. I will be changing out my Gladiator's 33s soon and getting 37s! These are the same mileage and Falken wildpeak mud terrains. Unlike the BF Goodies they're a "full 33". I bought an...
  7. California BF Goody 33" K02 Wheels for sale

    Thanks for the interest JIMBO, but at that offer plus me having to come half way with a delivery I will pass. If you or anyone else wants to negotiate or offer going forward feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  8. California BF Goody 33" K02 Wheels for sale

    I'm not understanding what you mean by stack wheels? All 5 were on a Rubicon so whatever it had on when it came off is what you get.
  9. California BF Goody 33" K02 Wheels for sale

    I don’t see why I couldn’t, but the problem is that shipping cost will be high.
  10. California BF Goody 33" K02 Wheels for sale

    $900 for 5 great 33" BF Goodrich wheels with TPMS from a 2018 JLU Rubicon. 6k miles. They're ready for their 1st 5 tire rotation and labeled as such. They are in Santa Rosa, CA but I do visit the Roseville area about 1-2x a month. So with my new Gladiator I could deliver them on the way if that...
  11. Michigan 2018 Rubicon JLU wheels & tires w/ TPMS

    I'm curious on the dealer upcharge on these. Was it a looks thing and/or is it a better performing rim? Overall I think you're at a fair price.
  12. Will you be waving to the new Gladiator?!

    Are you taking your ball and going home??
  13. FCA fined $77M for missing fuel economy requirements

    Now I got to see a pic of your Trans am! Let's see it!
  14. Will you be waving to the new Gladiator?!

    Hahahah, shots fired! It's on! :rock:
  15. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I bet you this will be an analog to the midsize truck market. Tacoma was the leader. Then Chevy/GMC came in, now Ford, and eventually Gladiator. If I'm not mistaken Toyota has increased sales by a decent margin and the new entrants have done well. Basically the market segment has expanded to...
  16. Will you be waving to the new Gladiator?!

    They/we better be waving at you! I believe I read somewhere that newer Jeeps are more obliged to wave than the old timers. So the Gladiator being the newest one on the block better have itchy trigger fingers for waving! I'll be posting this on the sister site to set'um straight! :movember: All...
  17. Saying hello... first Wrangler after 25+ years of wanting one

    @voland Were you also an owner of the Holden VF Commodore... I meant Chevrolet SS??? Love my Jeep, but I do miss that car! Congrats on your new Jeep!
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Top down then back roads to the coast and a lil hike with the pup.