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  1. Sudden Start of Death Wobble

    Definitely a good idea, I'll start with that this week.
  2. Sudden Start of Death Wobble

    It happens at exact same speed, not dependant on a bump in the road. I will def have balance checked again, but it was just checked not even 2000kms ago and was all good. I haven't tried to accelerate past the issue. It gets pretty freaky at 120 ish, not sure I want to try it haha
  3. Sudden Start of Death Wobble

    Feels like its coming from the front wheels/axle area. Steering wheel starts to feel the vibration first, then it starts to shake like you're driving over little speed bumps that dont go away until you slow down
  4. Sudden Start of Death Wobble

    Everything is stock so far except I added rock rails. I bought a new suspension setup for it, but have yet to install. Tires are stock, I haven't found the ones I want yet. The thing shakes so violently at speeds over 108km/h its hard to not imagine this as a death wobble... or at least the...
  5. Trip Odometer Issue

    When I talked to them about it, they insisted 1. that it was totally fine and there is nothing wrong ... and 2. that if there is something wrong its not on them and there is nothing they can do for me, all software issues are dealt with over the air now by RCA. They kind of sucked TBH. Langley...
  6. Trip Odometer Issue

    Hey Guys, Ive been having a weird, ongoing issue with my trip odometer. I always reset it after I fill up with gas, but it wont keep a reset. So lets say I hit 500km for a tank, I fill up, I reset Trip A (recently I've been doing both at the same time), it goes to 0 and I get going. I can...
  7. Sudden Start of Death Wobble

    I'll give that a shot.
  8. Sudden Start of Death Wobble

    Hey Everyone, I have read a lot of posts about this issue, but just started to experience it myself and was hoping to get some thoughts on it. I have a 2019 JLU Sahara that is basically stock still. I have put about 17,000kms on it to date, and its driven beautifully the whole time. Now all...
  9. California SOLD-New Gobi Stealth Rack

    Still available?
  10. California Factory Upgraded Rubicon Wheels (5)

    Are you close at all to Petaluma?
  11. 35s on stock Sahara 18 inch wheels?

    I am! We just moved a few blocks away a couple weeks back now.
  12. 35s on stock Sahara 18 inch wheels?

    This is awesome, you live in my building! hahaha I always see her parked in the underground.
  13. Curious what you guys paid for your JLU Rubicons end of year...

    Wow... I now feel bad about my deal :CWL:
  14. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    TBH I also had a terrible experience getting my JLU from the dealership here in BC, Canada. I ended up getting it from a massive dealership in Langley, even though I live in Vancouver. I spoke to a bunch of other dealerships before dealing with the Langley store and they were just as bad...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    This is amazing... What are where!
  16. Washington Gobi roof rack and RTT

    Still for sale?
  17. Washington 2020 JLUR OEM sliders $75

    I would love to if i could... Border closure really sucks, not a ton of posts for BC...
  18. Canada - BC JLUR Factory Rock Rails, BC Canada

    Long shot... but still available?