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  1. Need opinions.

    3 kids. Jumper and car seat.
  2. Need opinions.

    Coming up with money to buy an old truck or payments on one is not something that sounds to intriguing to me.
  3. Need opinions.

    I won’t be hauling heavy stuff at this time but some material. Tools. Etc. I just don’t really want to pull a trailer everyday.
  4. Need opinions.

    Thanks for the comments. This is why I am torn. I just figure I still get the wrangler aspect of things like doors off and top off etc and still off-road capable. I know it’s not a full size pickup and its in the middle. I just don’t see spending 5k on an old truck to drive to work at...
  5. Need opinions.

    I have recently changed jobs and I now am in need of a truck. I am torn am torn between getting an old truck and keeping my jlus. Or trading in for a gladiator. I find it hard to pay for a vehicle if I’m not using it 4 or more days a week. I love my wrangler. Will the gladiator be a...
  6. Mopar 2” lift lift on sport

    Great input. Thank you for your help. I’m thinking I’ll just be patient save money and wait for metalcloak or Clayton lift.
  7. Mopar 2” lift lift on sport

    I wasn’t planning on keeping the spacer after the mopar lift. I want maximum lift without looking disproportionate with 35” inch tires. I shouldn’t go 37” with sport axels.
  8. Mopar 2” lift lift on sport

    I have the spacer with stock suspension.
  9. Mopar 2” lift lift on sport

    I know I have probably missed the other posts about this. So I apologize in advance. I have a sport with 2.5 in rc spacer. I am wondering if the mopar 2” lift will actually give me 3.5? Will this get me an extra 1–1.5 of lift over my spacer lift? I am on 35” tires. I can’t afford a...
  10. Doors off back seat security?

    Nice idea. I like that.
  11. Doors off back seat security?

    Besides fabricating something myself. What security options are there to block under back seat stuff. Amp for instance from being grabbed. I was thinking of a steel plate or something. not a security box.
  12. Metalcloak Game Changer 2.5 or 3.5?

    Thanks. I’ve seen it before but never caught what tire size he had or the difference. I’ll check again.
  13. Metalcloak Game Changer 2.5 or 3.5?

    Awesome. Please post pictures. As many as you want. :)
  14. Metalcloak Game Changer 2.5 or 3.5?

    Thanks for the advice. I guess I was thinking since sport fenders are lower than rubicon. That it would not look off.
  15. Metalcloak Game Changer 2.5 or 3.5?

    Does anyone have a sport with 3.5 GameChanger and 35’s. I have a 2.5 rc spacer. I want a bit more lift when I do a full suspension. Curious of 2.5,3.5 compared to my spacer lift.
  16. Lift for pulling trailer?

    I’ve planned on a mc lift for a while. But I have changed jobs now and I am doing work in which I may need to pull a small trailer for material etc. wood tools. Etc. I do not want to trade my wrangler for a truck. Or possibly a gladiator if I don’t have to. So my question is. What lift...
  17. Kc hilights rack

    Does anyone have experience with the kc hilights rack. I like the look. The additional lighting options etc. does anyone have a rack similar or this actual rack they can comment on. Thank you.
  18. Where to get basic windshield replacement for $300 or less

    Thanks. I hadn’t noticed before. Just looked little off.
  19. Where to get basic windshield replacement for $300 or less

    Better picture. U can see where a seam is. On corners. It feels like it should be covered. Like a rubber trim all way around or something.