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  1. Shifting transfer case when preparing to flat tow

    Terry, I found on my recent 3500 mile tow that if I cranked and shifted P to N and turned off and recranked and shifted P to N and off again that it seemed to shift smoothly back to 2H. Don't know but it seemed easier???
  2. Shifting transfer case when preparing to flat tow

    I understand. It seems that both would be in neutral, but all wheels roll freely with transfer in neutral and transmission in park.
  3. Shifting transfer case when preparing to flat tow

    We are over 2000 miles into a trip flat towing our Jeep. Crank, shift to neutral, turn off, shift from 2H to N, crank, check R and D, shift to Park, lock and go. Sometimes very difficult to shift back to 2H once disconnected, but getting easier each time.
  4. Best Supplemental Brake For Flat Tow Vehicles - what are you using?

    We have Roadmaster Invisibrake installed in our 2018 JLU Sport S. Works well and always ready to go.
  5. Need info. Motor home flat towing.

    I have Roadmaster baseplate with Roadmaster Night Hawk towbar and Invisibrake for my 2018 JLU Sport. We have a 40' diesel pusher. We towed about 500 miles over last weekend and it did perfectly. Unfortunately, the purchase of the pieces and then price to professionally install does add up, but...
  6. Flat towing JLUR behind

    I have my 2018 JLUSportS equipped with Roadmaster face plate, Roadmaster Night Hawk tow bar and Invisibrake . Towing behind a 40' diesel pusher. I have only towed about 60 miles so far, but will tow over 400 miles over this coming weekend.
  7. How long did it take for your JL to be Delivered?

    Ordered loaded JLUS on 2/19/18, it arrived at dealer 3/16/18. Picking up tomorrow
  8. What option did you give up?

    Wanted LED light group for the daytime running lights. Not available on jl sport. Hopefully will soon be available after market