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  1. Whats under battery on 2.0l?

    Thank you! I’m happy with the way it turned out with my shade tree mount. Didn’t find a lot of options for 2.0L JL’s
  2. Whats under battery on 2.0l?

    Yeah, on the 2.0 turbo the cat and turbo are on the driver/opposite side.
  3. Whats under battery on 2.0l?

    Well I decided to go the compressor route instead of the LiFePo battery in this location. I removed the empty auxiliary battery box. I then cut a .25” aluminum plate to mount the twin ARB compressor to. The plate mounts to the 3 screws that held the auxiliary battery box in place, plus 2 more...
  4. Whats under battery on 2.0l?

    Yeah these are all the ideas going thru my head. Just need to do some researching and planning before I put into action. Kinda new to this electrical auxiliary battery wiring and setup stuff.
  5. Whats under battery on 2.0l?

    Thanks so much. Great news!
  6. Whats under battery on 2.0l?

    Yes I thought about a dual ARB compressor here also. But think I might go with LiFePo battery here if it’s empty and has the room. Was just trying to find out if anyone has already taken the top battery and fuse panel out and knows what’s under there and what kind of space is available before I...
  7. Whats under battery on 2.0l?

    I was wondering what is underneath the 12V battery under the hood of a 2.0turbo JL. I know the 3.6 jl has the small auxiliary underneath the starting battery. Is that cavity just left empty on the 2.0? I know the 2.0 doesn't have the small auxiliary underneath since it has the 48 volt battery...
  8. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Do you happen to know if your mount works for 2.0 Turbo
  9. While the A/C is on, The Jeep randomly blows HOT air from the floor vents for 3-5 mins then stops

    So has the TSB 24-006-19 worked for ANYBODY in relation to this problem??
  10. AC blowing warm air fixed

    Hello. I took my Jeep in this past Friday for this exact problem of the intermittent warm air blast and gave them TSB 24-006-19 as reference. This is their response. I drove the next day approximately 200 miles round trip and it is blowing intermittent warm air. It happened approximately 8-10...
  11. Maximus-3 JL Winch Plate & Accessories

    Thank you!
  12. Difference in fog light mounting brackets

    Sorry but I’m having a little trouble making my way thru this “stock bumper/ aftermarket, stock leds/aftermarket leds. My question is: I have a rubicon oem plastic bumper with oem halogen fogs. I bought a rubicon oem steel bumper with no fogs currently in it. Will my oem halogen fogs fit in...
  13. Maximus-3 JL Winch Plate & Accessories

    Have you been able to verify if a Warn 9.5 CTI-s will work?
  14. JL Tire Carrier

    How’s the R&D coming along?
  15. Update: Bestop Retractable Sunshade

    Thank you!! Keep bringing the updates!
  16. Florida SOLD 2018 JL Rubicon Take off Wheels/Tires

    1295.00. Sorry, I forgot the most important part.
  17. Florida SOLD 2018 JL Rubicon Take off Wheels/Tires

    Set of 5 2018 Jeep Rubicon JL Wrangler take off wheels/tires. Spare is brand new of course and the other 4 were on the Jeep for less than a month. Bought the JL new on April 20 and took the wheels off May17. Less than 1k miles on them. BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2. 285/70r17. 5x5 (5x127) bolt...