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  1. Jeep Gladiator Pricing

    270d75f6d31fb7c097c61f89b6de8fb8_2020 Gladiator Jason Beltran Tyson Motor - Apr 17 2019 - 4-27 PM.pdf
  2. Poor Gas Milage 2.0L eTorque (BSG) mild hybrid system.

    My 2018 JLU Rubicon is all stock and I’m averaging 15 mpg , it was better in summer about 16MPG but I’m in Chicago all city driving basically the best average I had was 18 after driving to Michigan, so city traffic is definitely a factor
  3. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    When I went to pick it up they offered it to me , you don’t have to buy it from your dealer the price is negotiable and there is a thread on here somewhere, where people are getting great deals , I wish I’d a known that before purchasing mine , I paid 3 grand but read some folks got it for 2700
  4. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    What happens to my new JLU Rubicon 2.0 engine if there’s a nuclear war . I bet none of you guys even considered that scenario
  5. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I love the turbo I’m glad I waited for it ,the price of gasoline is a non factor for me
  6. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    That dude really got into it lol
  7. Rock Sliders and Side Step

    I put these on
  8. Full catback exhaust for 2.0

    Where’s best place to have them installed?
  9. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    It’s actually doing better then my Infinity M35 , that only got 14mpg
  10. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I’m in Chicago and traffic is terrible I’m only getting 16-17 mpg , but I don’t do any highway driving hardly , when I do my MPG goes up ,but that’s not why I got the Turbo, I wanted it for its performance,and from that stand point I have no regrets
  11. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I did the same exact thing , no regrets either
  12. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I agree , love the acceleration, it’s a blast to drive , 0 issues thus far and no regrets , and if there are any issues I bought lifetime warranty so no reason to worry
  13. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Love mine as well , wouldn’t change a thing
  14. Issue Bulletin: Frame Weld Inspection/Repair (Rust, Pinholes, Alignment)
  15. 15,983 Wranglers Sold in September 2018

    I get compliments all the time , the new JL is the best looking jeep ever made
  16. When to negotiate price on an order

    6% below invoice at Tyson Motors in shore wood Illinois